Pretty Handy Girl's Best of 2017

Pretty Handy Girl's Best of 2017

Best of 2017

2017 was another busy year that flew by. For those of you that may have missed some of the best tutorials and DIY posts of 2017, I’ve collected them all together for you in one place. Without further delay, here is the Best of 2017!

Hidden Wine Storage at Back of Countertop | Pretty Handy Girl

It only took me four years, but I finally finished my built-in pantry with a coffee bar, hidden wine storage, and soft closing pull out shelves. Here are all the pictures and details for my finished kitchen pantry.

Children's Closet Library with Secret Pass Through | Pretty Handy Girl

My growing boys have found a real love in reading. This closet that used to be a jumbled toy storage, is now a comfy and cozy library reading nook. You’ll want to check out the secret passage inside this Children’s Library Closet.

DIY Folding Guitar Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

My husband has been playing guitar for the past few years. In an effort to keep his guitar close at hand (and store away the guitar case), I built him this DIY Folding Guitar Stand. You’ll never believe what trash item I used to build it.

The Perfect Rustic Paint Technique {with Video Tutorial}

One of my most popular posts this year was actually a video tutorial sharing the Perfect Rustic Paint Technique I use on most of my wood projects. You too can learn how to make anything look old and aged by following this tutorial.

How to Sew Reversible Recipe Card Placemats | Pretty Handy Girl

For Mother’s Day I made these reversible recipe placemats for my mother-in-law. I scanned recipe cards her recently departed mother created for our wedding present. The placemats turned out to be a great way to commemorate a wonderful woman.

One of my favorite projects this year was building this Striped Porch Swing using Scrap Wood. It was a good way to use up scraps from the shop and build a fun swing for next to nothing.


Speaking of building something with scraps, this tutorial is another build using leftover wood in the shop. The best part of this project is it’s a wonderful way to give back to a school! Learn how to Build this Lost & Found Center in a few hours.

How to Paint an Abstract Water Lilies Painting | Pretty Handy Girl

For the aspiring artists, this tutorial for Painting Abstract Water Lilies was very popular. Plus, I showed how to cover up those ugly eyesores in your home.

The Real Truth about using Pallet Wood

Pallet projects reached a height in popularity this year. I finally decided to come clean on the Real Facts about Using Pallet Wood so you can decide for yourself whether that free wood is really worth it.

Saving Etta - Follow the Adventure to Flip a Historic House

I saved the best for last. This year I purchased a house built in 1900 and I’m trying to save her. The Saving Etta Chapters are my way of chronicling the process. The Saving Etta chapters have been extremely popular and well received by my readers. Thank you for allowing me to deviate from tutorials and journal about my adventures saving this historic property. Read all twelve short chapters here.

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  1. Jules
    Jules says:

    Hi Brittany! Hard to choose a favorite. The recipe idea is so special. My husband has postcards that his grandparents sent him when he was little as they traveled. I went through them and picked out four and enlarged them front and back and framed them for his birthday. He loved it.
    Happy New Year!!! Looking forward to the transformation of Miss Etta!!


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