Top Ten Reasons to Do-It-Yourself
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Top 10 Reasons to Do-It-Yourself

Top Ten Reasons to Do-It-Yourself

Top 10 Reasons to Do-It-Yourself!

Over the course of the last ten years writing this blog, I’ve met numerous people who have lamented that they wished they had skills like mine. Or have professed that they just didn’t have it in their DNA to be handy. Consequently, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to persuade people that they are handy but just don’t know it yet. Granted, growing up in a family of DIYers helped me take the leap of faith from paying someone else to fix, build, or create something to doing it myself.

If you’re still on the fence about taking on a DIY project, let me give you the Top 10 Reasons to Do It Yourself:

    1. Save Money, Save Money, Save Money. (Do I need to emphasize this again?) When you do something yourself, you keep the money in your pocket that you would have paid otherwise. Why not create a jar and put money in there every time you save money doing it yourself versus buying or paying someone else? Did you know that taking on your own room renovation could save you as much as 50% of the cost to hire out?
    2. Try It. If you fail, Watch and Learn. You’re sink faucet is leaking or your toilet is running. You get ready to pick up the phone to call the plumber but then you remember the bill last time he was at your house. If you are trying to repair something, you will either fix the problem or need to call a repair person anyway. (That being said, recognize your limitations. Don’t take on a complicated electrical project if you don’t know what the black, white, or green wires are!) Go ahead and call that repair person, but stick around and watch how the repair is made. Ask questions. A lot of times you will realize that you could have done the repair yourself and next time you will!
    3. Help is All Around You. If you can read and able to follow directions, there is a 95% chance that you will succeed at your DIY project. There are so many resources to assist you. Here are just a few:
        • Instruction manuals that come with the fixture to install
        • Online resources, try googling “how-to” instructions for the project
        • Ask a professional or home improvement store employee for advice
        • Search for instructional videos on
        • Check out a DIY book at your library
        • Buy a DIY book at your local home improvement store
        • Ask a friend, family member, or neighbor who you know has the skills
    4. The Time is Now. You can complete your project now instead of waiting for someone else to do it.
    5. Get into Your Zone. You may love the process of working with your hands. If you are a parent, you’ll appreciate the fact that unlike children, wood and building is predictable. The materials will bend to your will (or tools.) Personally I find DIY projects relaxing.Modified King Size Farmhouse Bed with Storage Drawers | Pretty Handy Girl
    6. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn something new. Studies have shown, that challenging your mind improves your brain functioning and prevents Alzheimer’s.
    7. Lose weight. If you involve yourself in a DIY project, you will probably sweat a little! You will likely be climbing, moving, and generally using your body. Engaging in a DIY project will definitely get you off the computer and keep you moving until the project is done. Talk about finishing your move goals!
    8. Discover a New Skill. How do you know you can’t tile or paint or build? If you never try, you won’t know if you actually have a talent for DIY.
    9. Bragging rights. Simple, but if you DIY something, you must brag about it to the world.
    10. Sense of Accomplishment. Do you remember the last time you tackled something new or difficult? Wasn’t the sense of accomplishment you go when you succeeded HUGE?

Install a Post Mounted Birdhouse | Pretty Handy Girl

That’s the Top 10 Reasons to Do-It-Yourself! Did I forget any? If so, leave me a comment below.

Tomorrow you’ll get your third step in this Guide to Learn How to DIY Anything! Be sure to check your email inbox, it’s going to be a good one.

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9 replies
  1. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    Hi there. I have always had someone to do things for me, aka husband, but since he has had a stroke, he is unable to do many things he was able to do before. In South Africa, we are still on lock down due to Covid19 and needless to say I had to get my hands dirty and do things myself. Having said this, I have successfully changed 2 toilet seats! Now this may not be a big feat for a lot of you, but for me it was HUGE. I look forward to doing a lot more DIY in the future.


  2. Donna Corfield
    Donna Corfield says:

    I always wanted a pond, but everything is so expensive, so I researched. got everything on sale, second hand or from the side of the road. It wasn’t built in a year but is my on going 5,000 gallon hobby eveyyear I add something but it’s pretty self sufficient now. I never would have got a pond if I had to pay someone.

  3. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I grew up with a very handy Daddy, but he never really wanted me involved in his work. But I appreciated what he could build. After we bought a 1920s home, I HAD to figure things out for myself. I always said, it’s crafts on a bigger scale. Learned a lot! And, he helped me out with a lot of things in our homes.

    I totally agree with trying it yourself first. You might fix it, and if you don’t, you’re (hopefully) no worse off than before. My biggest moment of pride was when my son called and asked how to fix a running toilet, and I coached him over the phone and he repaired it. A week later, he built an outdoor couch. Apple, tree. My Daddy would be proud!

  4. Alanamous
    Alanamous says:

    My fabulous Pretty Handy big sister bought a Home Depot home improvement book for me when my husband and I bought our first home. Despite the fact that I was an architect, it was great for two reasons. It reinforced for my husband that I DO know what I am talking about. And there were plenty of tips on projects I was unfamiliar with (with pictures). For plumbing and electrical projects I highly recommend the Black and Decker series. My home is about 80 years old and the B&D books show old systems as well as current.

    Also, another great reason for DIY is personalization. I so often see something that I want, but I want it done slightly differently. I know that I can do it myself and do it exactly to my specifications. Normally, the "custom" modifications would cost substantially more, but if I make the project myself, it will cost less than the non-custom version.



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