Today we are going to talk about DIY Star Wars Birthday Party. But first, I have a special guest for you today. Jenelle is a woman who shares my passion for upcycling and creating treasures from trash. She creates at TrashN2Tees. When I say creates, I should say works amazing transformative magic on old shirts and clothing. She turns them into the most adorable shirts and accessories! Like this Fox Applique Geeky Kids shirt:


And this too cute for words Hungry Bear Shirt:


But, kids’ clothing is just the beginning. She also sells jewelry made from shirts! Like these funky chunky bracelets:

Upcycled T-shirt Funky Chunky Bracelets

You won’t believe all the cool things she has in her Trash N2 Tees Etsy Shop (First time buyers receive 10% off with coupon code FTB10Off):


She also launched a clothing recycling program for used, stained or out of style clothing! She’s like the Upcycling Wonder Woman! And, she has a son who LOVES Star Wars. All you mamas of boys know how obsessive our little Jedis can be for Star Wars, right?!

Jenelle knew that her little guy deserved a fantastic Star Wars themed party that wouldn’t break the budget. She did a fabulous job creating a memorable Star Wars Party for very little money. I leave you in Jenelle’s capable hands:


If you’re looking to plan a Lego Star Wars themed party, look no further. Today I’m sharing some budget friendly ideas and easy DIY projects that will have all the kids squealing with galactic glee.
But before we get started I’d like to introduce to myself. Hi! I’m Jenelle. Pretty Handy Girl and I connected over our love of construction or re-construction rather. I’m a recycling and repurposing revolutionary changing the way we consume and create. My favorite power tool comes with a foot pedal and thread spools but when I’m not wielding sharp scissors or designing cool clothing for boys at TrashN2Tees, I’m raising awareness about clothing/textile recycling. I blog about running a creative business & share tutorials that inspire you to transform discarded materials into fun & practical works of art, like turning out grown tshirts into trays.

As a mom of 2 adventurous boys: I’m blessed with mud pies, squashbuckling sword fights, and strange Chewbacca sounds daily. I wasn’t surprised when my soon-to-be 4 year old requested a Lego Star Wars themed party. I put on my Princess Leia buns and headed to Pinterest for some inspiration. I love to find ways to infuse my own creativity and give our party goers a fun experience!

We invited our friends and family to join us for a Padawan Pizza Party in the Park on May 4th: May The Fourth Be With You.

Lucky for us, the day was full of warm sunshine & blue skies! As everyone was arriving we snacked on some fun (and easy to make) themed foods including:

  • Padwan Pizza (delivery pizza with your choice of toppings)
  • Carbonite Jello (blue jello with Han Solo inside)
  • Cloud City Chow (mini marshmallows)
  • Vader Taters (potato chips)
  • Sith Sticks (pretzel rods)
  • Yoda Cookies (cookies in the shape of Yoda)
  • with the choice beverage being C3PO Oil (just water- but check out the gold bottles on the table!)

I had planned a few games inspired by Lemon Squeezy Homes Star Wars Party- check out all her Star Wars Games here. Instead the kids were occupied between the jungle gym, creek, and making new friends so we rolled with it and finally reigned ’em in for cupcakes + pinata fun!

I think it’s safe to say those cupcakes were good! The kids needed somewhere to stash their loot. I hand painted simple Lego Star Wars silhouettes onto each goody bag- wanna give it a try? I Am Momma has a free template that can easily be modified to fit your needs. You can find the mini tote bags available at your local Michaels craft store. *note* Initially I attempted to freezer stencil the silhouettes but I melted the bag instead. You can trace the stencil with a Sharpie and fill in with fabric paint.

The goody bags were stuffed full of awesome & useful (and handmade!) surprises to be enjoyed- including:

Light Saber Bubble Wands

Darth Vader paper masks

Light Saber Ice Pop Cozies (Free Template)

Death Star Debris (recipe for black/glitter playdoh)

Darth Vader Cookies (from Sweet Treats by Debi)

Everyone had a wonderful time, the kids are still talking about it! The best part for me was how easy and casual the whole thing was, having the party outside and utilizing quick and easy foods (not to mention kid friendly!) allowed me time to sit down and bask in the sun too! By far the light saber bubble wands and CP30 Oil were the biggest hit among 4 and 5 year olds! I’d love to invite you over for more cake and cookies. Here are some highlights and how-to’s from our past birthday celebrations:

Lego Ninjago Party (2012)

Jake & The Neverland Pirates Party (2012)

Hot Rod Birthday Party (2011)

Buzz Lightyear Birthday (2011)

and Brittany’s Leapin’ Lizard Themed Party

Have you ever thrown a themed party for your little ones? Share your favorite parties in the comments below, Brittany and I want to throw rainbow confetti with you! 😉


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  2. Donna Lanting
    Donna Lanting says:

    Wow! I never thought Star Wars Birthday party will be a great hit for the kids. I have three boys and they want to become a Jedi Warrior. lol! I will show this post to my husband and maybe, we could plan a party similar to this theme. Thanks for sharing! 😉


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