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DIY living wall tutorialDIY Living Wall Planter Tutorial

For anyone who lives in a “not so sunny” place (and needs a quick pick me up from the dull grey skies), you’ll find this easy DIY Living Wall Planter Tutorial just what you’ve been craving. Even if you live in the sunshine state, bringing the outdoors inside may have a lot of benefits for your health.  According to the NASA clean air study (which was led by NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America), certain indoor plants naturally remove toxins from your indoor air.

This project was inspired by our outdoor green wall. We thought it would be fun to create a wall planter for indoor use. Similar to an outdoor living wall, an indoor one gives a natural feel to any empty space in your home.

Diane and Dean's Outdoor Living Plant Wall

Do you have a blank wall that needs some decor?  Why not dress up this space with a mini living wall? This project is easy enough for the beginner do it yourself-er, so let’s get started.

DIY Living Wall Planter Tutorial Materials:


DIY Living Wall Planter Tutorial Instructions:

The wall grid we found in the organization aisle at Lowe’s Home Improvement store was under $6.00.  It measures 22 inches by 24 inches. The size was prefect, but I wasn’t crazy about the color.

organizer re-purposed as living wall planter

Spray paint the wall plant holder if you wish. You can use spray paint you have on hand or purchase the color of your choice.  (I almost chose a rustic bronze to match the bronze iron farmhouse bed but decided to paint it white.)  The great news is that you can always paint over it if you tire of the original paint or decide to move it to another room.  Obviously, you want to spray paint in a well ventilated area. Let the grid dry. (It should dry within 30 minutes or so.)

How to DIY a living wall

Step 1: Eyeball or measure a spot on the wall to hang your living wall.

Hold the wall plant holder up on the wall. Use a level to make sure your holder is level.

level to align wall grid

Hold up the Blecka hooks and mark the holes with a pencil. Drill the drywall anchor into the wall at these marks. (Alternatively, you can attach the hooks to wall studs.)  This wall grid is not extremely heavy, so securing the hooks to studs is optional.)

ikea blecka hook to hang wall grid

Step 2:  Hang the wall plant holder onto the Blecka hooks (make sure it is completely dry before hanging.)

How to DIY a living wall

Step 3:    Place your plants into the planters. You can leave them in the original plastic pots they came in and simply place them into the holder. (When you water the plants the water can actually drain down to the plastic holder. Periodically pour out any water that accumulates.)

ivy plants and Ikea plastic bins

Step 4:  Now, for the fun part! To finish off your living wall planter, slide the plastic containers onto the wall grid. Play around with the placement of the plants until it appeals to your eye.

ikea organizer used for living wall

(Note: the plastic bins from IKEA with the wide hook on the back are perfect for this project. If you purchase different bins, you might need to add your own hooks.)

Feel free to use your imagination with this project.  Use succulents, different color plants, flowers, or something totally different like office utensils if hanging in a home office.

DIY Living wall

My white living wall hanger is hung on a wall painted with Magnolia Homes Brand “Shiplap” paint. The greenery stand out on the light colored walls.  Imagine what you can do with copper sprayed grid on dark or light colored walls! You can also spray paint the Blecka hooks to blend into the wall. Go ahead and get spray paint happy with the white plastic plant holders. Bright colors could really bring this project to life!

Living wall planter

We thought a little greenery in our newly remodeled farmhouse guest bedroom would add the perfect natural element.  Have fun with this quick and easy mini living wall project that brings natural elements indoors.

DIY Living Wall Planter Tutorial

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  1. Betty Wood
    Betty Wood says:

    Would love to make this wall planter, but can’t find the wall grid at lowes or plastic containers at Ikea. Can you provide the exact names of these items at each store? Thanks!

  2. Kathleen Chalgren
    Kathleen Chalgren says:

    Does it need to be near a window for natural light? I have a blank wall in my kitchen hallway but no windows. I would love some herbs. Kat’sKitchen

    • Marsha Brower
      Marsha Brower says:

      Check the growing conditions of the herbs you would like to have. You may need to use a plant light. You might even be able to use plant lightbulbs in your kitchen lights.


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