Bright and Bold Colorful Front Doors Social Media Image

Bright and Bold Colorful Front Doors Social Media Image33 Colorful Front Doors

I am drawn to homes that have unique front door colors. I crave something beyond the normal white, black or burgundy. Give me a unique color that tells me something about its occupants! I love being able to say, we’re the only house on the street with the purple doors. In my book, you need to Go Bold or Go Home! Get out that paintbrush and show your true colors. Here are 33 Bright & Bold Colorful Front Doors:

Colorful front doors

Our front door. Purple Honor 8906N by Duron

Cameron Park is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Raleigh. It is tucked between Oberlin & Hillsborough Street (two very busy roads). The houses are old and the trees are ancient. But, there seems to be an ongoing competition for the boldest and brightest front doors. I spent an hour just walking around the neighborhood snapping pictures of these louder than words portals.

I used a Sherwin Williams color deck to choose an approximate match for each door. If you are considering painting your door with any of these colors, be sure to paint a large sample on poster board and hold it up to your door first. Keep in mind, some of the colors may need two coats before you see the true color.

Colorful front doors

Colorful front doors

Chartreuse SW0073


Colorful front doors

Blue Peacock SW0064


Colorful front doors

Halfway between Danube SW6803 and Dignity SW6804


Colorful front doors

Slick Blue SW6949


Colorful front doors

Open Seas SW6500


Colorful front doors

Crabby Apple SW7592


Colorful front doors

Atmospheric SW6505


Colorful front doors

Aqua Tint SW6939


Colorful front doors

Indulgent SW6969


Colorful front doors

Bee SW6683


Colorful front doors

Swimming SW6764


Colorful front doors

Fabulous Grape SW6293


Colorful front doors

Cloudless SW6786


Colorful front doors

Lobelia SW6809


Colorful front doors

Honorable Blue SW6811


Colorful front doors

Copper Pot SW7709


Colorful front doors

Sapphire SW6963


Colorful front doors

Wild Currant SW7583


Colorful front doors

Ebbtide SW6493


Colorful front doors

Lantern Yellow SW6687


Colorful front doors

Nautilus SW6780


Colorful front doors

Lei Flower SW6613

And just in case you have a lust for the international palette, these are a few doors I spotted in the UK:

Colorful front doors

Frank Blue SW6987 – Obviously this door has a weathered look though.


Colorful front doors

Fine Wine SW6307


Colorful front doors

Blue Chip SW6959


Colorful front doors

Nifty Turquoise SW6941


Colorful front doors

Blue Blood SW6965


Colorful front doors

Heart Throb SW6866

Talk about WOW factor! I found this green door online HERE.

Colorful front doors

Outrageous Green SW6922

And if that isn’t enough to catch your attention, look what Allison Cosmos did to this door:

The Front Door eclectic entry

This is my all time favorite front door photo from The Impatient Gardener. Could you tell that I’m drawn to blues?

Colorful front doors

Blue Chip SW6959

Back at the Pretty Handy Girl abode, my home’s doors were purple for over 7 years. I decided to add some vibrancy and paint the front doors an amazing green (Benjamin Moore Perennial Green). The front doors are beautiful now, but this project turned out to be the DIY project from HELL! If you ever need to strip paint off your front door, I have some tips and a tutorial for you.

Stunning Green Doors - Pretty Handy Girl green door

Friends don’t let friends have boring front doors. Be sure to pin this graphic to share these colorful inspiring doors with your friends!

Bright and Bold Colorful Front Doors

I hope you have been inspired! Now Go Bold or Go Home!

Speaking of painting, I have painted almost every room in our home now. Make that almost every room in two homes! You could say that over the years I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. If you’re planning to paint, I recommend these favorite painting tools that I pull out for every painting job.

Colorful front doors

If you had three days (72 hours) in the UK where would you go? Last year Pretty Handsome Guy and I had this exact dilemna. We had three days to explore London and the surrounding area. It was a whirlwind trip and we walked 10 miles the first day, 8 miles the second and 7 miles the third day. We saw plenty and brought home many pictures and memories.

I was reminded of our trip this week as the world is turning its lens on London for the upcoming Royal wedding. I hope you will enjoy some of the photos from our trip last April.

Warning: This is a photo intensive post, so I promise to keep the chatter to a minimum.

Me in Trafalgar Square with my Starbucks in hand.

Pretty Handsome Guy and I are such American tourists! We HAD to have our Starbucks every morning. Sheesh.

Okay, now that we got our Starbucks confession out of the way…

Tower Bridge over the Thames River

Gnarly trees near Tower of London

Clock Tower (also referred to as Big Ben – although technically Big Ben is the name of the giant bell inside the tower)

One of the towers at Parliament flying the Union Jack

Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace

The winged figure of victory atop Victoria Memorial

The London Eye

The London Eye up close

Parliament and the River Thames at Dusk (taken from the London Eye)

Thames River Reflections after Dark

North Entrance of Westminster Abbey (where William and Kate will tie the knot, but you already knew that.)

Ornate scroll ironwork in Westminster Abbey Courtyard

Speaking of ornate ironwork! A section from gates near Speaker’s corner at Hyde Park

The London Underground aka The Tube

We spent one day in Windsor touring the castle, the town of Windsor and Eton (just across the river from Windsor). I highly recommend taking this day excursion outside of  London!

Windsor Castle in the morning

More views of the Round Tower at Windsor Castle

View of the gardens along the hillside just below the Round Tower

Daffodils lining the hillside

The most amazing architectural ceiling I’ve ever seen!  St. George’s Cathedral at Windsor Castle

Ornamental door hinge at Windsor Castle

Twin doors with beautiful ironwork hinges. Windsor Castle

I fell head over heels in love with many of the doors in Windsor and Eton. Here are just a few more:

I love the color of these doors!

While at Windsor Castle we saw the obligatory changing of the guard. The royal band played a few songs for the queen. It must have been all request day because they played: Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin and Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. I am not kidding! I couldn’t make that up.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled DIY posts on Friday! And I’ll be glued to the telly watching the Royal wedding! Am I the only one old enough to remember watching Charles and Diana’s wedding?

Oh happy day! My spirits are being lifted by the showy flowers that are blooming outside my window. This post is for those of you that are still suffering through this brutal winter. My thoughts are with you often, and I hope these colors help brighten your day and let you know that Spring is on its way.

So, grab a warm drink or blanket and sit back for a few minutes of buds, blossoms and blooms.

When there is so much colorful artistry outside, I couldn’t help bringing a few inside.

I wish you had smell-o-vision. Those little white flowers on the left are called Daphne, and they have the most fragrantly sweet lemon scent.

I’m going to try to root some Daphne shortly after the flowers fade. Apparently that is the best time to snip them, add some rooting hormone, and stick them in a pot. Wish me luck!

I found this decanter set at Goodwill last week and they are the perfect size to hold a few daffodils at our table.

Does anyone else’s child have Staff & Teacher appreciation week coming up? Ours is this week, and I found an economical solution for the multitude of gifts I needed for each teacher, office staff, bus driver, etc. I’ll be sharing that with you later this week!

Last week we were in Orlando, Fl for a little vacation. While there we celebrated Pretty Handsome Guy’s birthday, went to Disney World – but best of all we witnessed a moment in history!

February 24th 2011 - Space Shuttle Discovery's Last Flight

On Thursday, February 24th, 2011, we watched one of the last Space Shuttle launches. NASA has canceled the Space Shuttle program and it is uncertain what, if any, future shuttle launches will happen. Part of this is due to NASA budget constraints. That plus, the International Space Station is essentially complete. You can read more about the mandatory retirement of the Space Shuttle program HERE.

Pretty Handsome Guy had been following tweets from NASA and scouring message boards to plan our trip. He strategized about the best location to view the shuttle launch. So, Thursday began with us eating breakfast and then driving about an hour due east to Titusville, FL.

This way to Titusville, FL

We headed to a location called Space View park where it was claimed to have the best public viewing of the shuttle launches. The park sits 12 miles across the water from the launch pad. Public viewing is not permitted any closer than 10 miles of the shuttle launch. So, tens of thousands of people line the banks and beaches across from the shuttle.

People began staking claim to spots at 6:30 am

We arrived about 9:45am and staked out our small 7′ square spot in the dirt amongst a sea of people, some whom had been there since 6:30am! The shuttle is barely visible as a small tower in the hazy distance. But, the view is unobstructed.

An unobstructed view of the shuttle as it waits on the launch pad.

Frank and John, two grandfathers from New York, graciously let us squeeze in front of them. The next several hours proved a real joy and treat as we talked to them and got to know them better. John told us stories of his days as a fireman. And Frank shared his joys as an active grandfather who watches his grandchild a few days a week.

Throughout the day Pretty Handsome Guy and I took turns rushing our boys to the bathroom (which consisted of long lines for two port-o-potties.) Pretty Handsome Guy also spent a lot of time playing ball, and going on excursions with the boys trying to keep them entertained until the scheduled launch window around 4:45pm. I don’t think I need to tell you that keeping two boys entertained in a 7′ square space for 7 hours was challenging to say the least.

A retired NASA official broad-casted information as they received it over the loudspeaker at the park. And sold pamphlets with information about the launch.

These six astronauts were scheduled to board the Space Shuttle Discovery for its final launch:

Pictured are NASA astronauts Steve Lindsey (center right) and Eric Boe (center left), commander and pilot, respectively; along with astronauts (from the left) Alvin Drew, Nicole Stott, Michael Barratt and Steve Bowen, all mission specialists.

A few factoids about this mission.

This mission has been trying to take off since November. Several incidents have kept it grounded. Plus, two tragedies have befallen two of the crew members. Tim Kopra, was injured in a bicycle accident in January and had to be replaced by Scott Bowen. Commander Mark Kelly, as some of you may know, is Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ husband, and therefore was taken off this mission and is currently scheduled to command the STS-134 launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor.

Here are a few interesting factoids about the Space Shuttle Discovery. It flew 38 missions before this launch, more than any other space shuttle. Discovery assembly began in 1979 and was completed in 1983. Space Shuttle Discovery helped launch the Hubble space telescope. And was also the Shuttle that carried Senator John Glenn on his mission as the oldest astronaut to fly in space.

About 4 hours before the scheduled lauch, a group of “Titusville” Police officers began wandering through the crowds. I  don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen small town police officers toting assault rifles, wearing earpieces and sporting bulletproof vests on the outside of their camo suits. Their presence brought both comfort and fear to me. (I think the fear stems from growing up Quaker and not ever seeing a gun closer than on a policeman’s hip. And certainly NEVER a gun bigger than a pistol!)

Not the usual small town police officers. At least they were happy!

Photographers set up tripods, ladders and took meter readings. I saw zoom lenses that looked like they belonged to National Geographic commissioned photographers.

Expensive cameras were everywhere.

A constant stream of people continued to show up and look for prime locations for viewing. Land space became a premium and soon every square inch of space was occupied around us. The exit ramp across the inlet from us was packed with people.

Exit ramp jammed with people

This boy staked out his viewing spot in a tree when there wasn’t a blade of grass left to stand on.

Prime viewing location

As the hours ticked by, tensions mounted as announcements spread like waves over the crowd. “There is a problem with one of the tiles around the hatch. Technicians are checking on it.” After about 45 minutes of nail biting, the tile was deemed acceptable for launch. PHEW!

If the launch is “scrubbed”, they will either delay it 24 hours for the following day (because there is only a 10 minute window for the shuttle to launch which will allow it to meet the International Space Station. If you want more information as to how this window is calculated, read THIS!) Worst case scenarios would be if a problem occurred that could require the launch to be delayed days, weeks or months. Ugh! Frank & John had been unlucky enough to have sat through such a scenario back in November.  I hoped, prayed, crossed my fingers and toes hoping that we would be able to witness the launch on this day – the day my husband turned 40! (How special!) And that the launch wouldn’t be delayed 24 hours until the next window of opportunity. I don’t know how we would have entertained our boys for another whole day in a 7′ square spot in the crowd.

As the afternoon wore on, the sun slid across the sky. Elation was evident as we got closer and closer to the launch window. Then 30 minutes before the launch we heard over the loud speaker that there was a problem with one of the computers in Houston, TX. “Houston, we have a problem!” We all held our breath. 20 minutes, “Still trying to resolve the computer issue in Houston.” Ten minutes, “Still no word from Houston on the computer issue.” Five minutes, ” Houston is still working on the computer issue.” We were all silent and holding our breath. A few jokes passed about re-booting the computer, un-plugging and re-plugging it in. One minute later, “We received word that everything is a go!” A loud cheer roared through the crowd of over 5,000 people at just our little park!

We rushed to put our kids on the folding chairs so they had the best view and jockeyed for position to see the shuttle take off.

A big plume of white smoke appeared below the space shuttle Discovery, and the countdown began:

Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three……BLAST OFF! A HUGE orange flame visible from 12 miles away across the river where we sat appeared at the base of the shuttle. We watched it slowly (slower than I thought was possible for a rocket propelled object) ascend straight into the sky.

It arched gracefully to the left. I prayed that the shuttle would continue on its predicted course and not repeat the ill-fated Launch of the Challenger, which I watched on TV as a teenager while babysitting two boys about the same age as my sons. (I was at a total loss of how to explain the explosion to them, as I would be today to my own children.)


Space Shuttle Discovery's successful launch.

Then the most amazing thing happened, 1 minute and 15 seconds into the flight, a roar came rushing across the water towards us. It was like a low rumble. The sound had finally traveled the distance across the water to where we stood. It had been rumored that we could feel the ground shake. We didn’t, but my legs were VERY shaky as I realized how important a day in history this was for our nation and for my family.

I alternated between looking up in the sky and taking pictures. I watched as the shiny glint in the sky separated into three objects when the shuttle’s rockets detached.

Booster rockets disengaging

We stood there a long time until the shuttle was a mere speck in the sky. The excitement and elation in the crowd was wonderful. I said a silent farewell to Discovery on its final flight before retirement and wished its crew godspeed and a safe return home to their families.

What was amazing to me is that we had sat for 7 hours with a crowd of people who were all polite and happy to be amidst perfect strangers. We were all there for one reason and we had been rewarded with a sight that our children’s grandchildren may never see.

Vapor plume after launch

I hope that my nearly 7 year old son remembers this day and tells his children and grandchildren. And hopefully our 4.5 year old will remember enough to have his memory enhanced by his brother’s stories to tell his offspring as well.

What a day! Watching Discovery Launch on Pretty Handsome Guy's Birthday.

There are two more shuttle launches planned before the Space Shuttle program is finished forever. Should you have any desire to see one of the launches, I urge you to make your plans and head to Florida. More information on the remaining two Shuttle launches (STS-134 and STS 135) can be found HERE.

What better way to spend Black Friday than with a kindred spirit? This creative genius; thrift and antique loving blogger was so much fun to hang out with today.
Her name is Marian, but you may know her as the fabulous Miss Mustard Seed. If you haven’t been to her blog, you have been deprived! She has the best tutorials for furniture refinishing and her photos are pure mouth-watering candy for the eyes.
When I heard she was in Raleigh for Thanksgiving I asked her if she would like to meet. Little did I know that we would spend the day together along with her sweet mother and mother-in-law.
We had a fun morning wandering through SuzAnna’s Antiques in north Raleigh. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve lived here for 10 years and never knew about this spot. The owner, Jenny assured me that they’ve only been open a few years, but I will be sure to stop back by her place someday soon.
So, here is what we enjoyed feasting our eyes on:
Can’t you just see a family of bluebirds moving into this bird hotel?
John Deer Birdhouse
You could definitely re-create this by using Mod Podge and some color copies.
Then be sure to charge $39!
His and Hers Birdhouses
Okay, I admit it, I have a serious addiction to birdhouses, but you already knew that, right?
Chippy Green Porch Swing
Old Stove
This trough full of rusty treasures made me think of Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.
Loads of Shabby Chic Beauties
Crisp clean white plates on a white washed wall.
This is so easy to achieve, and yet the impact of all these white buttons in a jar is stunning.
If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.
I am such a snow-lovin’ southerner (yes, I realize that I’m in the minority!)
You see that cute little angel? Well, she’s not there anymore, she’s in my home now!
While we’re at it, don’t even drool over those Christmas colored pool balls,
because, they are MINE!
I bought them and am trying to incorporate them into my Christmas mantle décor.
I’ll give you just a quickie sneak peek at it.
I built a mini barn door out of wood scraps I had lying around. As usual, the tutorial will come shortly. And then made this wreath using paper stars that I learned how to make here.

Today was a real treat for me, I don’t normally get to hang around with famous bloggers.

A few things I learned about Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed):

  1. She likes Panera’s home style macaroni and cheese.
  2. She IS as sweet as she seems on her blog.
  3. If she has any spare time (which she rarely does) she will veg out in front of Survivor.
  4. Show her some vintage scales or ironstone and she is sure to buy them.
  5. She has no problem parting with the furniture and treasures she finds. I, on the other hand, can’t bear part with mine.
  6. She will be attending Blissdom 2011 in Nashville, TN (which makes me happy – because, so am I and I can’t wait to see her again!)
One more visual from SuzAnna’s before signing off.