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16 Ideas for Decorating a Large Wall Space - square featured Image

16 Ideas for Decorating a Large Wall Space - Pinterest Image16 Ideas for Decorating a Large Wall Space

Large blank wall spaces can often be a challenge to decorate. Whether you are at a complete loss on how to decorate yours, are trying to decide what kind of art to hang or are looking for photo collage ideas, this roundup of 16 ideas for decorating a large wall space will be helpful to you.

How to decorate a large wall:

How to update an old canvasPaint over an old piece of artwork and use the canvas to create a modern piece of art for your home.



DIY wall Bookrack tutorialBuild a large Bookrack that will take up a lot of space and keep your books organized.


Personalized wall shelfAdd a large shelf that is customized, it’s not only functional but a work of art as well.


Wall hanging desk Use blank wall space to build a wall-mounted desk for a great art or work station.


easy to paint giant wall artLearn how to paint your own Giant Wall Art.


diy wall chalkboard with ledgeBuild a large chalkboard with a ledge for all your supplies and hang it on your blank wall.



create rope light wall artUse rope lighting to make a bright and creative word art display.


large rustic wall clockBuild a large wall clock to take up space on a large wall.



cover wall in flow wall systemUse a Flow Wall system to create the perfect storage station in any room that needs it.


create chalkboard wall calendarCover the wall in chalkboard paint and use it to write down whatever your family needs.


large wall art made with multiple pagesUse a photo printed on multiple pages to create this gorgeous large photo collage.


tips to create a perfect gallery wallLearn how to create the perfect gallery wall of photos, decor and memorabilia.


painting a dandelion wall muralPaint a large image onto the wall to add character.


Build large frames and use multiple large canvases to build this great collage.


Install a brick wallpaper mural to add awesome character to any wall.


create a map wall muralPaint a map wall mural that looks awesome and modern!


What do you think of these ideas? Share thoughts in the comments. Also, be sure to save this image to Pinterest so you can find these ideas again:

16 Ideas for Decorating a Large Wall Space - Pinterest Image

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