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How to Make Spring Cloche CenterpieceSpring Cloche Idea

Hi, it’s Julie from Love My Simple Home back with another simple DIY tutorial.  Today I have a quick project using a cloche, faux spring flowers, and live moss to create a beautiful spring cloche.


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You can purchase moss at most craft stores or find it free in your yard (like I did.)  Did you know moss is super easy to dig up?  Just use your fingers to peel it off the ground.

Place the moss on top of the plate and trim the edges so there is no overhang when the cloche is placed on top.  No need to worry about the moss drying because the cloche acts as a greenhouse and keeps the moss moist.

Use your wire cutters to trim the branches and stems of your faux spring flowers.  Cut them at various heights and make sure to trim to fit inside the cloche.  You can make the arrangement full by adding more branches or keep it light and airy with just a few.

Tips for decorating with faux flowers:

  • Select faux flowers that are in season.
  • Buy flowers that have the closest color and texture as the real deal.
  • Add something live to your arrangement to trick the mind into thinking the fakes are real.

After the branches and stems are cut to size, it is time to make your arrangement.  Position the tallest branch in the middle of the moss then place the other branches and stems around it.  Push the stems and branches inside the moss and dirt for a secure hold.

You might have to play around with the flowers until you get an arrangement you like.

Once you have all the branches and stems in place, go ahead and place the cloche over your arrangement and display it in your home.


That’s it for today, be sure to check out my other projects here at Pretty Handy Girl and over at my blog love my simple home.

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