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School’s Out! Summer Crafts for the Kids

The end of the school year has come and now it is time to load up on craft supplies to keep the kids entertained. My elementary school friend Megan asked me if I had any summer craft ideas to share.

So, Megan, this post is for you!

Sun Prints!

Glass Bead Character Magnets

Planning a beach vacation? Why not bring a few craft supplies to create some beach themed crafts!

Sand Writing Photo

Sea Shell Memory Game

Beach Inspired Picture Frame

Although this craft was actually created in December, we love to create decorated jars for any season! How about affixing some of your vacation photos on a jar?

Glass Jar Decorating

Finally, this craft is a little more involved (for the parent) but it was well worth it!

Magnetic Mailbox Cover

At the risk of Megan hunting me down and egging my house, this is what we looked like in fourth grade:

Isn’t Megan cute? Me on the other hand, I never had much style to my hair. Just a plain old hippie cut (did I tell you my parents were at Woodstock?)

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  1. Alice
    Alice says:

    You girls were both as cute as could be in school. When I saw cover the popcorn, I thought now what on earth is she going to do when the light gets hot and popcorn starts raining from the ceiling. I thought it was a picture of you hiding your favorite popcorn the way that lady in the cookie commercials used to do.baahaha on me. I had a pretty good visual of it too. I wanted to learn more so I clicked on it. That’s when I got it. Duh! I absolutely love your beach crafts. Have to show this to my daughter.


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