Saving Etta: Master Bedroom Reveal

Saving Etta: Master Bedroom Reveal

I’m so happy with how the Saving Etta Master Bedroom looks and can’t wait to show you the reveal. As you can probably tell, I took a bit of a risk with the paint color in this room and I’m so glad I did. Before I invite you all the way into this cozy and luxurious bedroom, I’d like to thank the sponsors of the Saving Etta project for helping make this 1900 dilapidated house into a beautiful home sure to be cherished for another 100 years or more.

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A Look Back:

The master bedroom has come a long way since I bought the house in June of 2017. Let’s take a look at the master bedroom in the Saving Etta house shortly after I purchased it.

This room had a small closet and a door leading to the only bathroom in the house. What you can’t see is the floor was sloping at least two inches from one end to the other.

Swapping Rooms:

The master bedroom was moved from one side of the back of the house to the other. This made room for a large open concept living room and kitchen.

Sound Reduction:

You may have noticed the master bedroom is on the other side of the wall from the living room. I knew this would be the ideal area for the TV. A tall vaulted ceiling meant lots of noise echoing around the living room.

To combat any potential marital spats over one spouse watching late night TV while the other tries to sleep, I chose to add SoundBreak drywall by AskforPurple.

soundbreak purple drywall

You can read more about this amazing noise reducing drywall and how I added sound proofing between the rooms.

three guys installing purple drywall

The Reveal:

Ready to see the reveal of this beautiful master bedroom?

A big shout out to Minted Spaces for doing a phenomenal job on the staging! I found them on Instagram and am so glad I paid for them to come stage the house. They made this home look so cozy and stylish.

Did you see happen to catch the Leviton USB charging plug above? Now you can free up outlets for electronics while still charing your devices. Learn how to install your own USB charging outlets in this tutorial I wrote for you.

Looking around the room, it’s hard to avoid the wood mantel and faux chalkboard fireplace.

As you probably guessed, the mantel is original to the house. It’s one of two from the original 1900 portion of the house. I carefully removed both of them from the house before demolition.

Then I had them dipped and stripped to remove the lead paint.

After mounting the mantel to the wall, I painted the inside with black chalkboard paint and drew a faux fireplace with chalk.

Even though it’s not a working fireplace, it still creates a cozy feeling in this master bedroom.

Speaking of cozy, I decided to paint the master bedroom a moody dark color to make the room feel warm and enveloping. Hopefully this room is exactly what the homeowners will crave at the end of a long day. The color I chose is Duke Gray by Magnolia Home. My painters loved this paint because it has great coverage (and that’s important especially when painting a dark color.)

Duke Gray is a muted blue-green color and it works well with all colors. The homeowners should be able to accessorize with some colorful accent colors if they want.

Solid Wood Floors:

I’m sure you can’t help notice the star of this room, those gorgeous solid wood floors from the Impressions Hardwood Collection.

When I found out I couldn’t save the original wood flooring in the house, I went on the hunt for wood floors that looked aged and wouldn’t stick out as brand new.

The Impressions Hardwood Collection offered a lot of options to choose from. It was hard to decide, until…

…I laid the old flooring on top of these two samples.

Both were from the Elegance Series by Impressions Hardwood Collection. The lighter color is called Wheat and the darker stain is called Flint. They both look similar to the original flooring, but I felt the Flint had a more aged appearance. I also liked the matte wire-brushed finish. The Elegance series floors have all the advantages of solid wood flooring, without the look of a glossy shiny new floor.

And the wide planks offer a classic look that’s sure to look great over the years (even when they start to show signs of distressing and age like the original floors had.)

Salvaged Beauty:

Speaking of age, you’re going to love the way I reused the original bead board salvaged from the walls of the house before demolition.

pretty handy girl sledgehammer exposed bead board

Can you spot the reclaimed bead board below?

How about now? I built a custom sliding barn door for the master closet and used the bead board.

Each piece of bead board was stripped of its paint (most likely lead paint) using this pro-scraper tool hooked up to a HEPA vacuum. Then I sealed the door with General Finishes High Performance Flat Top Coat for a matte finish that seals in the paint and shows off the beautiful wood grain.

The sliding barn door track and door handle are from Amazon.

Back in the bedroom, I encourage you to take a look up at the ceiling.

That sexy modern ceiling fan is from Fanimation and is the Zonix Wet indoor or outdoor fan. I chose the Matte Greige color finish and think they look great with the black trim and dark walls. The fan is easily controlled by a remote control or a wall switch.

Right outside the master bedroom is an extra little surprise. All you have to do is slide open the beautiful Plygem Mira sliding patio door and step outside?

Can you see it?

Just outside the sliding door is a small extension of the deck.

It’s the perfect spot to sit and have coffee in the morning.

Or enjoy this view all day long! Want to see more of the backyard transformation? You can see all the work we did to transform it in this blog post.

after view of landscaped saving etta yard

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the master bedroom. What did you think about the dark wall color? Did you love it or not your cup of tea? Stay tuned! I’ll have more reveals for you soon!

Disclosure: Impressions Hardwood Collection, Fanimaton, Leviton, Magnolia Home Paint and AskforPurple were all sponsors of the Saving Etta project. I was provided with complimentary products to use in the Saving Etta house. I was not told what to write or say about the products. 

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