This little key hook frame was incredibly easy to make and would make a great gift for a new homeowner or that college student who is moving into a new apartment. (Or for that special someone who is always losing their keys.)


  • Wide Edged Frame
  • Decorative Hook (I used a ceiling mount plant hook, but a cup hook would work too.)
  • Machine Screw to Attach the Plant Hook*
  • Double Stick Foam Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper
  • Rub n’ Buff (optional)
  • Paper Towel (if using Rub n’ Buff)
  • Masking Tape or Painter’s Tape (if using Rub n’ Buff)
  • Cordless Drill
  • Drill Bit the same width as the Machine Screw

*Plant hooks come with a toggle bolt, that doesn’t have a screw head, so you need to buy a machine screw that fits in the hook for this project)

I started with this old picture frame that I’ve had for years. I wanted to give the frame a new look so I distressed the edges and used a Patina colored Rub n’ Buff on the metal trim. If your frame doesn’t have metal, you could cut some a border out of tin and hammer it on with finish nails, or skip this step.

Start by masking off around the metal with tape.

Squeeze out a small amount of Rub n’ Buff onto a paper towel.

Rub the paste onto the metal areas of the frame. Wait a minute for the paste to dry then buff it off with a clean paper towel. Remove the masking tape.

Add some Rub n’ Buff to the plant hook and buff it off.

Remove the picture, glass and backing. Sand the edges of the frame to give it a distressed look. Then wipe the frame clean. (For more details on aging and distressing furniture, you can read my post HERE.)

Measure and mark the center of the bottom edge of the frame.

Measure and mark the center of the hook to determine where to drill your hole.

Put a piece of scrap wood under the frame and drill a hole. Your hole should be just big enough for the machine screw to fit through.

Thread the machine screw through…

…and screw the hook onto the bolt until it is snug.

Insert a picture and put the frame back together.

The Hook Frame will likely get a lot of use. Add two pieces of double stick foam tape to the bottom two corners for securing it. To make both sides even, I added an extra piece of the tape stacked on top of one another on the left side and only one piece on the right (the side with the stand.)

Hopefully your gift recipient will love it and hang the frame on a picture hook and nail and enjoy their new Vintage Hook Frame.

If you like the graphic sign I used for this project, feel free to download the artwork HERE.

If you like the Star Soap graphic I made for our bathroom, download the graphic HERE.

 And just for the holidays, a gentle reminder that “he’s watching” printable you can download HERE.

Only one more day in the 10 Days of 15 Minute DIY Gift ideas.

And don’t forget to link up your quickie gift ideas tomorrow on Friday, December 14th! The party starts at 7:00am EST.


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  1. debi tricerri
    debi tricerri says:

    i just gave a friend a frame exactly like this that i hadn’t used! (it was for a good cause…she made a beautiful button picture from it)…i will have to scower around for another! this is a great idea! thank you for sharing!


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