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Organizing 101 and Creating Calm Amongst Chaos

As a mother of two boys, my life is CHAOTIC! No matter how hard I try to contain the chaos that surrounds those two, I have come to terms with the fact that there are some things in life that cannot be controlled.

A week ago Tuesday night, while my dear husband was away on business, I had some super chaos thrown my way.

My boys were 5 ft. from me as I was putting away the dishes. They were showing off their “untrained” ninja moves to each other. My youngest proceeded to show his older brother an amazing kick that had so much momentum it swept him off his own two feet and sent him falling backwards. As anyone would do, he put his arm behind him to catch his fall. The results were 5 hours in the ER, a big fat co-pay, and this:

So, while I cannot control my boys’ crazy antics, what I can control is the chaos that exists in my home in closets, in drawers, and even under the kitchen sink!

I took an organizing 101 workshop back in the spring, and it was a great exercise in motivation and follow through for me. Over the course of 7 weeks, I learned  how to tackle small projects first. I learned what tools to use while organizing, what my road blocks are and many more useful tips.

Here is just a sampling of the organizational projects I’ve completed since taking the workshop:

Linen Closet

Under the Kitchen Sink

Bathroom vanity

and our Family Command Center

Having a more organized home has allowed me to have a more organized life. Which in turn gives me more patience and time to deal with little surprises, like this:

What about you? Do you want less CHAOS in your home and life? Well, meet your teachers:

Aby & Jay are the geniuses behind simplify1o1.com. Their goal statement says it all:

Our goal is to teach you skills and techniques to get more organized, as well as to provide you with the products and tools that will make getting the job done more fun and efficient. We’ll help you become a more productive, more energized and happier version of yourself. You’ll have more time and more energy to do the things you love (plus, you’ll be able to find everything you use to do those things you love!)

They help people take control of their homes which transfers to better control of their lives. By organizing your home, you can save countless hours a year. By simplifying and organizing your home, you will also save money. Best of all, having a neat and organized home will help you reduce CHAOS!

What better way to start the school year? Get control, get organized, and simplify your life. Banish the chaos that you CAN control!

In Organizing 101, you’ll learn a simple approach for de-cluttering your home. Plus, you’ll find out how to organize and store all the things you keep, so they’re easy to use (and put away when you’re finished!)

If you’d like more tips on organizing your home or office top to bottom, sign up for Simplify 101’s organizing newsletter right here ! You can also follow the blog and get even more daily tips.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post paid for by simplify101. However, in all honesty, I can’t say enough good things about simplify101. I will end by telling you that I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops I have taken so far (Organizing 101 and Organizing with your Kids).

My 7 year old son and I worked together to take his room from this:

to this:

And the best part was that he enjoyed doing it and asked every night if we could work together on organizing his room. We worked in 15 minute segments over several days. You would not believe the things that were stuffed underneath his bed! I can’t even tell you because it was that bad. But, on the bright side, my oldest is learning to live in a less chaotic room. 😉


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  1. DIY
    DIY says:

    They start off with their first tentative crawls, which then move into more energetic and confident shuffles across the carpet. Then, before you can even get over the amazement of these initial achievements, they start to stand. And then these wobbly steps turn into more confident strides and, once again – before even a blink of an eye – your little girl is walking and running around as though it’s something she has always done.

  2. Amber E.
    Amber E. says:

    ohhhh sweet leaping jesus, PLEASE let me win this. i need all the help i can get. i have creativity dripping from my fingertips and i can do pretty much anything EXCEPT for organize! i feel like i’m swimming in the great big Cluttery Sea! lol oh yea and i “liked” Simplify101 on fb.

  3. Amanda A
    Amanda A says:

    I need this so bad! My house is totally chaotic, and I want my kids (and me and my husband) to have a more peaceful & clean house. I just can’t ever seem to get it together.

  4. e. McCord
    e. McCord says:

    What a great display of before & afters!!
    Another great website find!!
    I scrolled through the online ecourses simply101 offered& I can honestly tell you I could benefit from any (probably all) of them. I plan on signing up for the “Simplify Your Life With Habits and Routines” – first. I was thrilled to see that I had an opportunity to win something from this website, & even have can use a discount from being a reader/fan of your website. Win!Win! to me!!
    I need to win because after Hurricane Ike slammed into my home in TX I moved to a small one bedroom apartment. I was starting over & lost almost everything that I didn’t take with me on evacuation. After a couple of years, the clutter from my other home is fast creeping up on me in my apartment. I’m shocked – I have WAY less room, one less bedroom – an artist by night…Let’s just say my apartment is a hot mess. I’ve moved in, but things are still lacking homes.
    I’m so grateful for the find of your website & the simplify 101!! I plan to connect & “like” you both on FB when I get home from my wifi use in B&N. **smiles**
    Thanks for all the great information!

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