Millie’s Remodel Update: Exterior Paint Decision Made

Thanks for all your votes and comments on the siding and brick paint color. I’m excited to finally show you the exterior paint decision for Millie’s Remodel!

Millie’s Remodel Update: Exterior Paint Decision Made

Thank you all for your input on the exterior paint colors for Millie’s Remodel. If you recall, I left you with two choices for the brick and siding color. But, I also left you with some choices for front door colors.

Although I haven’t painted the front door yet, I’m happy to reveal the results of the siding and brick color. I painted them Sage Advice from RomaBio! And your advice was very sage and appreciated. LOL. In full disclosure, I contacted RomaBio about sponsoring the Millie’s Remodel project because I wanted to use a product that would allow the brick to breathe and not require lots of maintenance.

This fella in particular seemed to love the color as I found him perched here shortly after the painters finished painting.

Well, what do you think?

Ummm, yeah, the house wasn’t supposed to be two-tone. My painter was convinced I wanted all the trim and siding painted white. But, I assured him, I wanted the siding painted sage green. What are your thoughts? Do you like it two-toned look or all one color?

Of course, the house still needs shutters and I will be painting the front door something other than forest green. But, for now, I love how clean and uniform the exterior looks. Especially with the old laundry room door bricked up and the repairs no longer visible under the transom window.

A few more things happened since we last chatted here on the blog. I had gutters installed and another rain chain. In this particular location, we didn’t have a spot for a downspout without it being unsightly. Instead, I purchased a modern-looking rain chain and installed it on the end of the roof overhang out back.

If you know me, you know I have a thing for rain chains. Especially on the homes I renovate. Recognize these rain chains on Saving Etta?

My only complaint about the rain chain is when leaves get stuck in the hole in the gutter. But, it’s not a big deal to clear. Otherwise, the rain travels down the chain and lands in a planter pot on the ground.

The planter has holes in the bottom facing the backyard. And the rain chain is simply buried and held in place by river rocks in the pot.

Another eyesore that gave way to something more modern, was the split rain fence between the driveway and the neighbor’s property. When I had the survey done, it showed the fence was encroaching on the neighbor’s property by 8 inches.

To remedy the situation and give some more privacy, I had my helper, Brett, install a modern privacy fence right up against the driveway. I still need to have it stained, but it’s a great improvement over the split rail and gives some privacy between the houses.

Next on my list of “eyesores to attack” is this ugly shed directly behind the house. From the back bedroom, you have a beautiful view of “Frankenshed”. I’m calling it that because of all the seams in the siding. It’s so ugly.

We’re going to try to move the shed over the weekend before the dumpster is picked up. I think there’s a 75% chance the shed will fall apart the minute we try to move it. If that happens, I will cut it up and put the entire thing in the dumpster.

Wish us luck!

Disclosure: RomaBio is a Millie’s Remodel sponsor. I reached out to them after doing lots of research on painting exterior brick and asked if they wanted to be a sponsor of the project. I was provided with complimentary products to use.

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  1. Tylor
    Tylor says:

    I was looking for ideas on painting my brick (already painted) house two-toned. A google search of “two tone painted brick” brought up your house and i immediately knew, just from the style that it was in Raleigh. I’m in the King Charles neighborhood and love, love the look of our smaller brick houses. Im still thinking about the two-tone.

  2. crownmeDeb
    crownmeDeb says:

    Well, I don’t hate the two colors on the front. I mean, if the painter had to mess up, at least it’s livable. Is it worth the inconvenience to have him return? Once your landscaping is in and your shutters are on, it will tame the two tone effect. I think I would roll with it. It looks clean and fresh.


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