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Day 28 – Keep Old Toothbrushes for Cleaning

31 Days of Handy Home Fixes | Pretty Handy Girl

Never throw away your old toothbrushes again! These worn out dental tools make fabulous scrub brushes for cleaning.

Use Your Old Toothbrush for Cleaning | Pretty Handy Girl

First be sure to mark the old brush with a permanent marker so no one will use it in their mouth again.

Use Your Old Toothbrush for Cleaning | Pretty Handy Girl

Then use this mini scrub brush on hard to reach spots like between the faucet handles…

Use Your Old Toothbrush for Cleaning | Pretty Handy Girl

…and behind the faucet.

Use Your Old Toothbrush for Cleaning | Pretty Handy Girl

Around toilet hinges and other hard to reach spots are all perfect places to clean with your old toothbrush. You can even use an old toothbrush dipped in baking soda and water to clean dirt out of the grooves in your wedding rings. (Although, I might use a separate brush for jewelry and a second one for toilets. Just sayin’.)



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  1. Cheryl C
    Cheryl C says:

    The best ever is the: SPIN brush! It works like a dream. And as a bonus, it’s the best for working out laundry stains. It won’t cause pills or stretch the fabric. It is so worth it I have one in each bathroom, the laundry room and the kitchen. Naturally, the laundry spin brush I keep just for laundry. It manages to get stains out that once I considered death to fabric. Once you try it on your favorite shirt you won’t use anything else.

  2. jet
    jet says:

    aaaaw you are tooo kind for me. but i love it and like it.LOL
    i have learned my lesson after one time this mistake. but i having allot of people that must help me so your idea is for me as well a good solution.
    I think i don’t like it either to receive of the daily assistency such toothbrush for my tooths.LOL
    Some funny story, last time i asked my sis to go to the money desk on the street to pick up some money out of it of my bank acoount.
    I had given her my bankpas, and the special password, she told me i will write it on my hand and after that i will erase it.
    She picked up a permanent marker.LOL
    i had to laughted allot about this, she as well when i could talk normaly finely about the permanent maker she would used for just a temporairely password.LOL
    so not all permanent makers isn’t good to have in your house.LOL
    i think my problem is that i need more help then others so all the people that has to come are picking often the wrong items;-D
    often i can laughted about it, but i learn more and more how i can prefend by your tips and advice.
    I often looks at your tutes for inside the house and learn my sis how to make it. I’m happy and glad with my little sis. she is helping me the whole time to seatle in this new home, to make my house more a normale living home and lesser a camping one.LOL
    so thanks for alll the tutes and all your lessons and as well of using permant makers in the right way.LOL
    Hey have a good halloween and fun weekend;-D

  3. jet
    jet says:

    LOL i use them as well for paint and cleaning jobs.
    thank you for the sharing, and such a good idea to use a permanent marker to write on them where you will use them.
    I often forgot which one was for my hubby.LOL
    so the one i was using for cleaning jobs had to put in the kitschen drawer.LOL
    An upset hubby isn’t fun in house.;–D

  4. Colleen Taylor
    Colleen Taylor says:

    I use those old toothbrushes all the time for all kinds of things. I even have one in my paint container for making some fine “flicks” on painted things. Thanks for all your tutorials!


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