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30+ DIY Crafts Tweens Will Love

Does your tween or teen love to make things? Hands-on projects are a great way to help your kids stay creative, use problem-solving skills, and practice small motor skills. Read more to discover 30+ DIY Crafts Tweens Will Love!

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30+ DIY Crafts Tweens Will Love

DIY crafts for tweens are a great way to allow them to make something while keeping them away from those never-ending screens. Teens and tweens can make creative items as gifts for their family and friends or just a fun item to keep for themselves. These crafts will boost their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment as they create things that didn’t exist before. Check out these awesome ideas for more than 30 DIY Crafts Tweens Will Love.

These colorful DIY paracord bracelets are a fun project for tweens of any gender to make.


Using a ceramic mug and simple colorful sharpies, they can create these fun personalized Monogram mugs.


Use nails, thread, and a board to make this Custom String Artwork for their own bedroom decor or elsewhere.


Upgrade a pair of flip flops by using fabric to make these Scrappy Flip Flops in any color!


Do your kids like secret codes and messages? Have them make these Morse Code Bracelets for a friend.


Quick and easy, these Washi Tape Hair Pins can be made to match any outfit for any occassion.


Your tween will love holding their money and library card in this colorful Patterned Duct Tape Wallet.


Your tween can take a boring old vase and turn it into a beautiful DIY Glittered Vase.


Have your tween or teen practice their origami skills with these Folded Paper Bracelets.


Get them hemp twine and beads and let them create Beaded Wish Bracelets in any color or for all their friends.


They can create these adorable personalized Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters for them to display in their bedroom.


Practice their art skills by making these Beautiful Floral Ceramic Mugs using permanent markers.


Does your tween love to read? Have him or her make these DIY Tassel Bookmarks for a fun way to mark their progress in the book.


If your tween loves a boho style, show them how to create these easy-to-make Silk Wrap Bracelets.


They can keep track of all their fun summer outings by making this colorful DIY Summer Memory Journal.



Have your tween make a Personalized Dot Flower Pot for their favorite plant.


If you have seashells lying around, these colorful Puffy Paint Seashells would make great art for any tween or teen bedroom!


Find some vintage doilies and lace so they can create these Vintage Bohemian Doily Dreamcatchers.


A fun upgrade from elementary art, use multiple colors of paint and shading techniques to make some DIY Leaf Print Art. 


Have some white tennis shoes that just need a little color and sparkle? They can make these fun Decorated Tennis Shoes!


Fun to make AND throw, these Folded Paper Stars are a great project for a rainy day.


Use markers and an old t-shirt to create this fun DIY Science Tye Dye Shirt.


They may need a little assistance, but this DIY Kids Scooter would be something your tween would absolutely love!



Rock painting never gets old, especially when they can show their moods by creating fun Emoji Rock Paintings.


A little homemade room decor is always fun, have your tween create this DIY Yarn Pom Pom Garland.


If you have a bunch of crayon pieces laying around, have your tween make some Shaped Melted Crayons for a new fun coloring adventure.


Tweens may still like dolls, especially if they create a Make Your Own Monster Doll. 


Have your tween make these Glass Bead Magnets with their favorite characters or images to show off their personality.



If your tween is into animals, they might just love this DIY Log Bird Feeder and watching all the birds that will come to feast.


So many colors and options, have them customize their own DIY Tie Dye Shoes!


For back to school or just everyday fun, it’s easy for them to upgrade from boring pens and notebooks to Sparkly Office Supplies. 


They may need some assistance to make this, but they will certainly love this DIY Headphone Stand. 


Teach them a few woodworking skills (assist please!) to make this unique Retro Phone Speaker for their room.


I hope your tween or teen really loved these ideas and found inspiration on how they can create something awesome! Comment and let me know what you (or they) think! Which is your favorite?

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