Make Your Own Agate Place Cards

Make Your Own Agate Place CardsMake Your Own Agate Place Cards

Nothing makes a dinner party more fancy than personalized place cards. Today I want to show you how you can make these elegant agate place cards. They are simple to make, and they add color and style to your tablescape.


Make Your Own Agate Place Cards

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Step 1:

If using a calligraphy pen with ink, scoop a small teaspoon of the Bleed Proof White ink into an ink well. Thin with drops of water and mix together to achieve a smooth consistency. (Make sure the ink isn’t too thick or too thin.)

If using the paint pen, simply shake the pen back and forth to mix well.

Make Your Own Agate Place Cards

Step 2:

If using a new calligraphy nib, clean the residue off the nib by either washing it with dish soap or rubbing a little toothpaste on the nib. Then rinse and dry. Attach the nib to the calligraphy pen holder by sliding in place.

Dip the nib halfway into the ink.

Make Your Own Agate Place Cards

Begin writing on the agate slice. To achieve the thin and thick strokes, press firmly on the down stroke and lighter on the up stroke. If you are new to calligraphy, practice writing the names on smooth paper first.

Make Your Own Agate Place Cards

If using the paint pen, dab the pen several times on a piece of paper to start the ink flowing and to avoid spotches.  Begin writing on the agate slice using the same applied principle of thick down strokes and thin up strokes.

If you make a mistake you can easily wipe off the ink. Try again, until you are pleased how your lettering has turned out.

Make Your Own Agate Place Cards

If you aren’t getting the hang of the calligraphy, try printing the names on the agate slices.

Make Your Own Agate Place Cards

Getting creative doesn’t always mean that you have to use fancy hand writing like modern calligraphy. There are plenty of print fonts that can be used. Google handwriting fonts for inspiration.

Step 3:

Let the ink dry thoroughly. A spray lacquer finish can be applied over top of the writing to avoid smudges (but this isn’t necessary.)

Make Your Own Agate Place Cards

The next time you have a dinner party or special event, try designing your very own calligraphy agate place cards. Your guests will love seeing their name beautifully written. And they have a beautiful take home gift to remember the evening.

Make Your Own Agate Place Cards

Want more ideas for making your own place cards? Visit Diane and Dean.

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