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Master Bathroom Design Plans for Saving Etta

Master Bathroom Design Plans

It’s hard to believe I need to start thinking about all the materials and fixtures I’m using inside the master bathroom of my flip house. We are just finishing up framing this week and I have my plumber and HVAC contractors lined up to start roughing in the ducts and plumbing lines next. But, I need to have the tub and shower fixtures chosen so the plumber can install the water and waste pipes for the bathrooms and the kitchen. I’m learning on the fly about contingent tasks and it feels a little crazy right now. This week I learned I have to have the plumbing roughed in before the roof is installed. Details, they matter!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen a fair amount of progress on the house. If you’ve been following the Saving Etta chapters, I admit I’m behind the times. I received a comment from a reader who was angry that the chapters weren’t in real time. My explanation for this is that I just can’t do it all. Managing a project this size has left me with very little time to keep the blog updated. When I release a Saving Etta chapter, I want it to be well written for your enjoyment. With that being said, I hope you’ll forgive me if it takes a while for the Saving Etta chapters to get caught up (truth be told they may never be current.)

With that explanation out of the way, I want to share my mood boards. Today, let’s delve into my vision for the master bathroom. I hope you like the design direction I’m taking and will weigh in on a couple of questionable ideas I have.

In full disclosure, I’m working with Jeffrey Court Tiles. They are one of the fantastic sponsors for the Saving Etta project. If you’ve been to Home Depot lately, and wandered through the tile section, you probably swooned over some of the Jeffrey Court tiles. I bet you didn’t know that there are many more tiles varieties on their website!

Let’s start with the floor tiles. I recently discovered these beautiful Montpelier marble mosaic tiles. The pattern is intricately designed with tiny squares. Gorgeous, right?!

For the floor of the shower, I want to use these dark marble hex tiles. Not only will they add some contrast, but they also add some depth to the space. Plus, hopefully they will look clean even when dirty ;-).

The walls of the shower will be classic white subway tiles. I’m trying to maintain a historic and timeless feel in all three bathrooms. The shampoo niche will have more of the Montpelier mosaic tiles from the bathroom floor.

Being that this is the master bathroom, I want to add something extra special for the homeowners. Therefore, I’ve decided to install a super quiet exhaust fan from NuTone with a Bluetooth Wireless Speaker inside! You read that right, a fan with a hidden speaker inside. NuTone is also one of the Saving Etta sponsors. But, I would have used a NuTone fan regardless. They make quality exhaust fans that last for decades! We still have the original NuTone bath fans in our 40 year old house.

Finally, I’d like to add some hanging pendants in the master bathroom, but I’ll need to hang them high enough so they don’t get knocked around. Luckily, the master bathroom has 9 foot ceilings. What do you think about this idea? Are pendants in a bathroom weird? Will they be an annoyance or a upscale feature?

These are the pendants I bought from Houzz.com:

Hanging Triangle Shaped Glass Shade Pendent Fixture, Transparent

Finally, I haven’t been thrilled with the vanities available and want to make my own vanity. But, time will tell if I have the time to make it happen. There is so much to be done on the house and I’m hoping to have it finished by fall. It really would be amazing to be able to clone myself. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep chugging along.

Please let me know what you think about this design plan in the comments. Do you have pendants in your bathroom? Are they cool or a pain?

Image Sources:

Farmhouse Bathroom designed by Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors, featured on OneKinDesign

Tile Shower designed by Allison Willson, photography by Stacey Brandford

Montpelier Mosaic Tiles by Jeffrey Court Tiles

Black Marble Hexagon Tiles by Jeffrey Court Tiles

White Subway Tiles by Jeffrey Court Tiles

Hanging Cone Pendant Lights from Houzz.com

Very Quiet Bath Exhaust Fan from Nutone

Sensonic Bath Fan Speaker Accessory from Nutone

I can’t wait to share the rest of the mood boards with you. Stay tuned.

Disclosure: NuTone and Jeffrey Court are both sponsors of the Saving Etta project. They will be providing complimentary products for the project.

15 replies
  1. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    Wow, I love both of the tile choices you made. I was worried at first you were using the black hex tile throughout the entire bathroom, but using it in the shower only should make an interesting contrast with the white tile in the rest of the bathroom.

  2. Kiree
    Kiree says:

    I love the concept of shower only. Black and white are awesome colors. You will be able to view dirt and soap scum easier too. I like a glossy finish cause a dull look indicates a cleaning is required soon as possible.

  3. DIYforfun
    DIYforfun says:

    I love the look of the pendant lights but I would say they need to be above where you would be looking at yourself in the mirror so as not to block your view. I love the vanity and the tile for the shower!

  4. Mary Hunnicutt
    Mary Hunnicutt says:

    I love the black and white scheme so much! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. And obviously that person who commented has never done an extensive renovation before. Ain’t nobody got time to DIY and blog about it in real time!

  5. Guerrina
    Guerrina says:

    I love the marble hex(?) in the shower pic – that’s my favorite lol – I am not a fan of black/dark shiny floors that show each speck of dust. Otherwise love where you’re headed with this! Pendant in the bathroom sounds luxurious.

    I just purchased a NuTone fan/light combo (110 cfm)to replace a dead unit (80 cfm maybe). Definitely in over my head and thankful I have an electrician friend! Can’t wait to have a fan that actually does the job in a steamy bathroom. The only reason I didn’t get one with Bluetooth is the bathroom is my hiding/quiet room 🙂

  6. Claire
    Claire says:

    Found your blog recently and I love it! I love the look of pendants in the bathroom, but be aware of the shadows they cast as sink/ vanity lighting. It isn’t ideal light for makeup, etc if it shines down from above, but I think as long as they are more eye level like the sample picture, they are beautiful!

  7. Tammara
    Tammara says:

    Great choices! Although, to not show much water spots, I would have selected the black tiles in a mate finish,

  8. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I like your choices. Will there also be a tub or is there just a shower. The black/white scheme is, I think, timeless. I don’t see how anyone could be angry that blog posts aren’t in real time. Most aren’t when you’re doing major projects. After all, you do have a family and you’re doing most of this by yourself with occasional help from others.

  9. Carol Ann Gregg
    Carol Ann Gregg says:

    I am so enjoying all that you share with us. Sure it would be nice to have the blog updated in real time but unless you hire a writer to follow you around, that isn’t going to happen. I think your use of social media more than makes up for that.
    I do question the beautiful lamps in the bathroom. I love them and with the high ceilings tall folks shouldn’t have a problem but what about keeping them clean? Are they going to be dust catchers that are too high to care for?

    I am looking forward to when the rooms begin to show their character.

    Wishing you the best on the first major project.

  10. LauraM
    LauraM says:

    I love your ideas, I wish my bath looked like your dreams. I don’t believe a pendant light to be weird at all. So much of decorating is doing what makes YOU happy. It’s a beautiful light and you obviously have an eye for design…go for it!

  11. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Just do what you can when you can. We’re all supporting you so we can wait ’til you have time to catch us up!

  12. colleentaylorartist
    colleentaylorartist says:

    I really do love the choices you’ve chosen here so far. I can’t believe someone would actually be angry with you for not blogging your Etta journey in real time! I mean, seriously! This person needs to get a life. Yes, pendants in the bathroom would look very cool. I one in the center of the entrance to my bath & I love the look of it.


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