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Hang up your Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

Learn how to make a mini macrame wall hanging - you can hang this anywhere and it only takes 20 minutes to make!

How to Make a Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

If there’s one hobby that has become quite the obsession for me – it’s macrame! It’s really fun to create and the projects are inexpensive to complete.  Right now macrame wall hangings are all the rage, and add an eclectic look to your decor.  Today I’m showing you how to make a mini macrame wall hanging.  So chic!

If you’ve been wanting to start macrame—but are intimidated—you’re in luck! This project is small, simple, and can be completed in about 30 minutes!

This mini macrame wall hanging is a subtle nod to bohemian decor and it will look great pretty much anywhere in your home! Hang in your bathroom on in your office. Or, include it with a grouping of gallery wall prints for a more collected feel.

Here’s how to make it …


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Materials Needed for Mini Macrame Wall Hanging


Step One – Cut your Cords

Measure and Cut Macrame Cording to Size

Start by cutting your macrame cording. You will need 20-20 inch cords for this project. (20″ will make a mini wall hanging. After you get the hang of this, you can make your macrame art skinnier or longer. Whatever your heart desires.)

Step Two – Attach with Lark’s Head Knots


Once you have your cords cut, you want to attach the cords by creating 20 lark’s head knots. Here’s a quick video to show you how to make a lark’s head knot:

Take your cord and fold it in half. Take the loop part and fish it under your rod. Loop the ends of the cords through the cord – and pull tight! Now repeat this 19 more times with the rest of your cords.

Step Three – Make a Row of Square knots

Now that your cords are all attached, we are going to make Square Knots and Alternating Square Knots. Here’s how to make a square knot:

To make a square knot – take the first four adjacent cords and do the following:

  1. We are going to take the outer left cord and cross it over the two middle cords. Now take the outer right cord and place it on top of the left cord and UNDER the two middle cords.
  2. Loop it through the hole on the left side.
  3. Now pull to tighten the knot.
  4. Now take the outer RIGHT cord and cross it over the two middle cords.
  5. Take the outer left cord and place it on top of the left cord and UNDER the two middle cords.
  6. Loop it through the hole on the right side.
  7. Now pull your cords tight.

You have completed the full square knot.

You want to keep working the next four adjacent cords to make a row all the way across of square knots.

Step Four – Make a Row of Alternating Square Knots.

Our next row is going to be alternating square knots.

To make these knots – follow the same steps as above, however skip the first two adjacent cords – start with the third cord and work the adjacent 3 cords.  Continue all the way across the row!

Step Five – Make a Row of Square Knots Again

To complete our mini macrame wall hanging, our last row will be a row of square knots – so follow Step 3 again.

You should have something that looks like the photo below.

Trim the bottom of the wall hanging to even it up

Step 6 – Cut and Fray the Ends of your Wall Hanging

Take your scissors and cut straight across to create an even line of fringe. Take each cord and unravel it with your fingers.

Now, take a wire brush and carefully brush through the unraveled cords to fray them.

All done!

Hang up your Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

Now all you have to do is hang it up and enjoy your beautiful work.  Can you imagine how pretty these would be if you made a trio of mini macrame wall hangings for a cohesive collage.  I really love that idea.

I hung my mini macrame over the computer for some style and texture in this little corner.

Mini Macrame Wall Hanging in an Office

If you want some additional help and projects – go to my blog and check out my Step by Step Basic Macrame Knots Guide.  And check out the cool macrame planter hanger here on Pretty Handy Girl for another cool project!

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Once you learn how to make the most basic knots – you can create all kinds of cool projects for your home. Such as Macrame Pillows, Mason Jar Covers, Jar Candle Hangers, Macrame Feathers – I could go on and on!

Feel free to leave me any questions or comments below – I hope this inspired you try Macrame if you haven’t yet.

I’ll see you right here next month with another awesome project for you.

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