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Most of us love to decorate for the holidays, but the mess and chaos after you take all the decorations down can be overwhelming. Instead of letting that stress into your life, use these 15 Holiday Decoration Storage and Organization Ideas to keep everything in order and easy to handle.

15 holiday storage and organization ideas

Holiday Decoration Storage and Organization Ideas:

When the holidays hit, things can be chaotic and you might feel a bit disorganized. Use these ideas to stay organized before, during, and after the holidays!

make a holiday planner like this printable one by the homes i have madePrint off an amazing printable Holiday Planner like this one to keep yourself organized before, during, and after the holidays.


Use small compartment containers to organize the little ornaments, hooks, and other small pieces you’ll want to save for next year.


organize ornamentsCreate a grid of compartments using cardboard to keep your ornaments safe from breaking and perfectly organized.


greeting card cash storageUse a plastic filing bin to keep all holiday cards organized year-round for quick access when you need to mail one off!


wrapping paper storage idea by southern hospitalityBuild a wrapping paper holder on your wall where you can store the paper for gifts all year long!


acasarella labeled drawersUse plastic drawer sets to store different holiday gift supplies and be sure to label what each drawer holds.


put ornaments in foam and plastic cupsPrevent broken ornaments next year by using styrofoam cups inside of plastic cups to insulate glass ornaments.


saran wrap your christmas tree for storingWrap your entire tree in plastic wrap to keep it secure and prevent any critters from getting into it during storage. It also makes the tree much easier to move!


use plastic apple holders for ornament storage by make life lovelySave plastic apple containers after eating the fruit and use them to store all your nice ornaments until next year.


use square hamper to hold long gift wraps by polished habitatPlace your long wrapping paper rolls into a square hamper to keep them organized and safe from damage.


use coffee filters to cushion ornaments by one crazy houseCoffee filters make a great liner for glass ornaments to keep them from shifting and breaking.


organize christmas decorations by color by maison de paxUse large labels in clear bins to keep your holiday decorations sorted by color theme.


cover wreaths in plastic by sew many waysWrap wreaths in plastic bags to keep them organized and clean from bugs or critters during storage.


create christmas card books by oh louiseMake booklets out of holiday cards from previous years to continue to enjoy the memories and see how friends and family grow over the years.


Storage Hacks for Holiday Decorations | Pretty Handy Girl

Hang wreaths on a rod, so they don’t get smashed or flattened during storage.

I hope you found these ideas helpful with the upcoming holiday season! Do you have any other great ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments. As always, thanks for reading! Please remember to share on Pinterest to inspire others as well!

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This black and silver Halloween sign is a spooky way to decorate for the holiday.

Decorate for Halloween with this spooky spider Halloween sign!Spooky Spider Halloween Sign

Hi there, Pretty Handy Girl readers! I’m Vineta from The Handyman’s Daughter, back with another tutorial for you! This time, I’m making a spooky spider Halloween sign to coordinate with the rest of my black and silver Halloween decorations.

I love making signs out of scrap wood because a) they’re free and b) it whittles down my enormous scrap pile! You may have seen this teacher sign I posted here a few months ago. My personal favorite is the Let it Snow sign I created for my winter mantel.

This Let it Snow sign is the perfect addition to your holiday mantel!Creating a three dimensional element to a sign really makes it pop! I’m adding plastic spiders to this Halloween sign for a similar effect. Nothing creeps me out more than a dangling spider!


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How to Make a Spooky Spider Halloween Sign

Measure the size of your plastic spiders. Mine are about 2 1/2″ across. This will determine how big a hole you need to make.

Measure your spider to determine the size of the hole in your Halloween sign.

The spiders will dangle in the center of the holes, so words like BOO or SPOOKY will work best for this Halloween sign. You can create a design using a Silhouette or Cricut machine (this is the file I used), or use a simple letter stencil.

Cut out a stencil for your spider Halloween sign.

Mark the center of the O with a small drill bit.

Drill a hole to mark the center of the O's on your Halloween sign.

Place the bit of a 3″ hole saw on the mark and cut a circle all the way through the plywood. Sand all the edges smooth.

Cut holes for the O's in your Halloween sign with a hole saw attachment.

Paint the entire board including the inside of the holes black.

Paint the entire Halloween sign black.

Apply the stencil to the board, centering the O’s over the holes.

Center the O's in the stencil over the holes in the board.

I decided to try this silver paint marker instead of regular paint to see if it helped prevent bleeding under the stencil.

I used a silver paint marker to fill in the stencil of the Halloween sign.

Unfortunately, I still needed to touch up a few spots with a flat bristled artist brush. Sigh.

Touch up any areas that bled through with black paint.

Time to add the spiders! Use a hot glue gun to attach a strand of fishing line to the back of the spiders. I had this fishing line left over from creating my kokedama, and it just happened to be the SpiderWire brand. How fitting!

Add fishing line to the back of the spider to hang in the Halloween sign.

Center the spiders in the holes, and attach the other end of the fishing line to the back of the Halloween sign. I also hot glued the top ends of the spider legs to the top of the O’s to keep them from twisting on the line.

Attach the other end of the fishing line to the back of the sign.

I added another spider to the front of the sign with hot glue. Now it’s ready to join the rest of the Halloween decor on our newly remodeled mantel!

This spooky spider Halloween sign is the perfect decoration for your mantel!

I’m not a huge fan of orange, so most of our Halloween decor is silver and black. This Halloween sign fits right in!

This black and silver Halloween sign is a spooky way to decorate for the holiday.

Have a happy Halloween!

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