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Day 20 – Scrub Away Hard Water Stains

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Do you have hard water? If you do, you probably understand when I say, “It’s the bane of my existence when it comes to cleaning sinks!” However, I have a trick to scrub away that stubborn hard water crusty stain in no time! And I use a little power to save myself from fatigue.


Day 20 – Scrub Away Hard Water Stains

The other day I shared my non-toxic drain opener with you. Today, pull that vinegar and baking soda back out. You’ll also want to grab a good scrub sponge. I’ve been using the Scotch Brite Non-scratch Scrub Sponges and like them because they are non-scratch and use natural fibers. (I was not paid to say that!)

Pour some baking soda and a tiny bit of vinegar to create a paste on the hard water stain. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes.


While you are waiting, cut a piece of the scrub sponge to fit on the sanding head of the Dremel Multi-Max. The hook and loop will hold the scrub sponge in place. If you don’t have a Multi-Max, you can scrub by hand, but it will take a little longer to remove the crusty stain.


Before you plug in the Multi-Max, make sure your vinegar baking solution is more paste and not too much liquid. If there is too much liquid, add more baking soda. You want to make sure you are working with a paste to avoid any potential electrical shocks.

Turn on the Multi-Max and let the vibration of the sanding head do all the work for you! It may take several passes until the hard water stain is gone.





How to Scrub Hard Water Stains Away | Pretty Handy Girl

I love finding ways to clean with power tools!


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  1. joe
    joe says:

    Those were some great tips, I enjoy what you did with the sink it simply looks amazingly beautiful. Excellent blog with some excellent information

  2. grammygoodwill
    grammygoodwill says:

    Since I now have to deal with hard water in our new house, I was anxious to read this post. I was sort of nodding along with the directions, okay – vinegar, baking soda, sponge – then I got to the Dremel. I had to laugh. You crack me up. I didn’t see that one coming! The sink looks great.


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