Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl
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Rock n’ Roll Birthday Party

Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

My goodness, I have an eight year old! Time has flown by and my little baby is one handsome rocker wanna be. He loves anything rock n’ roll and can be found in his room with headphones on listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, The White Stripes and Weezer.

For his birthday, he wanted to have a Rock n’ Roll birthday party. This was a simple party to pull off and only required a few purchases upfront. I even took a short cut and ordered cupcakes from our local grocery store bakery.

Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

Upon arrival, each child received a personalized backstage pass.

The passes were made using black vertical badge holder with lanyards and washi tape.

Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

I printed the passes on neon card stock. Feel free to download my PDF to make Backstage Passes for your party.

Backstage passes for Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

If you wanted to get extra glitzy with the lanyards, you could purchase these Rhinestone Bedazzled Lanyards:


To entertain the guests, we played Musical Notes.

Black paper plates purchased at The Dollar Tree worked perfect as musical notes on the ground. The game is essentially musical chairs without the chairs. My husband used his iPhone to play and stop the music. In hindsight, a boom box would have worked better.

As kids were eliminated, they went to the Tattoo Parlor where they were given tasteful Rock n’ Roll temporary tattoos.

Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

After everyone had been inked, we sent the kids outside for a frantic scavenger hunt.

Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

We told the kids that the Roadies misplaced the guitars for the concert and we needed their help finding them. I printed out clues and taped them in various locations in our yard.

Scavenger Hunt for Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

At the finale of the scavenger hunt, we hid Inflatable Guitars (one for each child) in our tree house.  (Note: Be sure to order extras, as we had one that wouldn’t hold air very long.)

Photo Booth:

We sent the kids inside and told them it was time to shoot photos for the album covers.

Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

We had a host of props like a microphone and stand (purchased off of Craig’s List), Rock n’ Roll Black Rocker Wig and a Rainbow Punk Wig. To protect the kids from a potential lice outbreak, I sprayed all the wigs with a homemade lice repellant.

Lice Repellant:

TerraShield (bug repellent blend)
Citrus Bliss


* Fill a small spray bottle halfway with spring water and shake. Spray inside wigs and allow them to dry.

I also asked the parents ahead of time if they wanted me to exclude their child from wearing a wig, just in case they were still nervous.

Rainbow Punk Hair for Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

Fake piercings and neon sunglasses added to the rocker look. We bought enough for each child to have their own.

The Dollar Tree near us had these funny dollar sign sunglasses. Of course we had to have a pair for the photo booth set up.

Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

I raided the dress up box and found mardi gras beads, feather boas and more.

Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

I had leftover brick wall wallpaper (from my son’s bedroom makeover) that I tacked to the wall with painter’s tape and used as a back drop.  (But, I found this Peel & Stick Brick Wallpaper that would work as well.)

I had a blast dressing up with the kids. I found some fun leather clothes at a local consignment shop.


And used this tutorial to create the rocker chic hairstyle and makeup. (Plus, I clipped in a strand of hot pink hair from the Dollar Tree in my hair.)

Luckily most of the parents know what I normally look like. LOL.


The favors were a small gift bag with guitar pencils, notepads, glow sticks, the inflatable guitar and a vinyl record look recordable CD with a carefully curated collection of G-rated rock n’ roll tunes.

Mix CD Song List for Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

Did I mention that my son loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Finally we served store bought cupcakes on vinyl records set on top of some metallic canisters I have. It was funny when a few kids asked if they were giant CDs.

Rock n' Roll Birthday Party | Pretty Handy Girl

Thank you notes:

My son is working his way through the thank you notes. I’m printing out the best photos from the photo booth and attaching it to the front of a blank card. I’m sure the parents will either be thrilled or horrified to see their little rocker.

Have you ever attended a Rock n’ Roll birthday party? I’d love to hear ideas that you liked (or disliked) in the comments below.


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  1. Tammie B
    Tammie B says:

    Brilliant party idea! You had me laughing out loud when you mentioned the kids asked if the records were GIANT cd’s!! Wow, I feel old! Happy Birthday to your little man!

  2. Colleen Taylor
    Colleen Taylor says:

    You definitely do ROCK Brittany! You actually look gorgeous & I definitely think you should keep this image going on all the time! HAHA, just having some fun here. What a creative party for your kids. They look great & awesome ideas. I feel like giving a grown up rocker party now & I already have the man who can play all the music right here! This was totally cool man!


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