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One Project Closer – Before & After Weekly Winner

There was some tough competition in this week’s One Project Closer Before & After competition. I read through every single entry and tried to leave a comment on as many as I could. (Psssst: Several of you still had word verification turned on. This made it harder for me to get through the security codes. If you are on blogger, this setting is defaulted to ON. Please double check your settings. I promise you’ll get more comments and won’t get more spam.)

It was such a bummer that I had to choose just one winner, but I promised to be a fair judge and stick to the rules (picking half a dozen winners was not in the Tightly Wound White Wig rule book.)

This week’s winner is The Logan’s Landing, who shared their Outdoor Patio Kitchen. I’m amazed how they took a sad neglected patio…

and built a phenomenal outdoor kitchen:

The construction process was no less captivating. They built a pressure treated lumber frame to sit on the patio and then framed out the cabinets. A reclaimed lumber bar, beadboard doors, appliances and a grill completed their kitchen.

You can see more gorgeous pictures of the kitchen and the process at The Logan’s Landing.

They will be winning a $50 gift card from either Lowe’s, Home Depot or Amazon. And a donation of $200 ($100 from One Project Closer and $100 from me) will be made to Habitat for Humanity in their name! If you want a chance to win and have money donated on your behalf, link up your best before and after renovations at One Project Closer.

Next week’s judge is my good friend, and partner in conference craziness…

Traci from Beneath My Heart!

I feel like I have some ‘splainin’  to do about these photos, but honestly I’m at a loss of words. Something magnetically insane happens when Traci and I are in a room full of cameras together. We lock into a lover’s embrace and act silly. Maybe it’s because we are both mothers swimming in a sea of testosterone. And, we are hanging onto each other for dear life as the boys and men in our lives try to drown us. Hmmm, not sure about that theory. Do you have any explanations?

The winner of the $100 Lowe’s Gift Card goes to:

Stephanie H!

She commented: “Here’s a thought: Table Buddy. I know it’s not really original or catchy, but my creative, name inventing juices aren’t flowing very well right now. You know, you can bring it inside during the colder weather months and use it on the kitchen table/counter if the base is stable enough. And, if you attach a couple of eye hooks or cup hooks to the side and make a removable handle, you can use it for picnics or potlucks. This is a great piece you made!”

Stephanie, I love your creativity! So, I’m hoping you will take your $100 gift card and do something creative with it ;-).

If you didn’t win — no worries — I’ll have another gift card next month. Stay tuned.

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    That is an absolute winner! Wonder if they’ll come finish some projects at my house:)

    If your hubbies don’t think you need any ‘splaining, then don’t worry about the rest of the world! Conferences are the best.

  2. Vanilla Ice Project
    Vanilla Ice Project says:

    Hot Damn , that patio remodel is “Nice Nice Baby” Absolutely Incredible . I’ve Seen some of Mark Logans work on line before, That Cat is a Pimp… Love your custom design & attention to detail.,…Blows away everything i’ve ever seen before…. Gives me some sweet ideas for the remodel I’m doing at M.C. Hammers Crib !!!!

    Go Easy


  3. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    Wow! I’ve never won anything before! And the donation to Habitat For Humanity is even more exciting! Thank you so much for choosing our Outdoor Kitchen project! I cant wait to tell my husband and kids, you made my day!


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