Introducing Pretty Handy Dog

I know you all thought I was going to be posting about felt roses today. Well, I promise, I’ll get the tutorial up soon. In the meantime I’ve been a little distracted.

I debated whether or not to blog about some “personal” stuff on my blog, so please let me know if you want me to stick to the “handy” stuff and I promise to be a good listener.

Those of you that know me personally know that we had to say goodbye to our australian shepherd in May. She was our baby before we had children and lived with us 11 of her 15 years.

We missed her dearly but couldn’t think about getting another dog until our hearts healed a little. 

Buddy meet my readers. Everyone, meet Buddy.

Buddy is a rescue who was found wandering and a vet picked him up after he observed some kids being mean to him (I can’t even tell you more because it just breaks my heart.) He lived with the vet for a while and was very helpful to them. He was a blood donor for some very sick dogs. He also saved his kennel mate, Tumbles on more than one occasion.  When Tumbles mischieviously got into the goat pen and got cornered by the goats, Buddy put himself between Tumbles and the goat while the vet techs rescued Tumbles.

Buddy was brought home as a foster dog by a sweet woman named Carol. Carol has fostered him for over a year, but knew that he would be so much happier with a family that had children. She posted his profile on Craig’s List and I happened to find her post.

Buddy arrived yesterday and we are all loving on him and trying to help him not be so sad about being away from his foster mom, Carol.

Wish us luck this week as he acclimates to life in the Pretty Handy Household.

By the way, if you are looking for a new pet, please consider Petfinder.com. They have a fairly extensive list of rescue, foster, and shelter animals.

Until next time, I’m off to teach Pretty Handy Dog how to use a hammer.

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Hi, I know this post is fairly old, but I just wanted to let you know that I came across this photo on Pinterest today, and Buddy looks EXACTLY like my English Shepherd. What a beautiful boy <3.

  2. Megan {Honey We're Home}
    Megan {Honey We're Home} says:

    We lost two of our dog family members too and it is heartbreaking. Still miss them so much. I'm so happy that you have opened your hearts to your new family member! What a blessing!! Enjoy!

  3. Lynda
    Lynda says:

    I think your new rescue dog is adorable! I rescued a pit bull 3 months ago when our original pit died from cancer. Rona was my baby for 8 wonderful year and now we added another girl…Kinze to our family! Thank you for getting a rescue dog and not from a breeder! 🙂 They need us!


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