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Easy DIY Patriotic Star Pillows

As Independence Day nears, why not dress up your home with these easy to sew star pillows?

Easy DIY Patriotic Star Pillows Materials:

  • White felt
  • Blue fabric
  • Red Fabric
  • Blue thread
  • Red Thread
  • Square Pillow Form
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins


Start by printing out a large star onto a piece of paper (you can use the Zapf Dingbats font or google “star” to get your image.)

Lay the print out on top of the white felt and cut out the star shape slightly larger than the image.


Cut two square pieces of fabric (one red and one blue) one inch wider and taller than your pillow form. (Cloth napkins work well if they are big enough.)

Center the felt stars on the fabric squares.

Pin the stars in place and stitch them onto the fabric.


(Using a decorative stitch like a blanket edge stitch makes them fancier.)


Lay the back pillow fabric on top of the star embellished pillow front.

Pin right sides together. Use your pillow form as a guide for pinning.
pinning pillowsize

Straight stitch the sides together leaving an opening (about half the width of your pillow form), at the bottom to stuff the pillow inside. Check to make sure the pillow fits. Trim extra fabric off the edges and make 45 degree cuts at all corners.


Turn the cover right side out. Use a pencil or stick to poke the corners out, broken tipped pencils or other blunt pointy objects work just as well. Stuff your pillow inside the cover and pin the opening together.


Stitch a straight stitch as close to the bottom of the pillow as you can to seal the open edge (a zipper foot is excellent for this task.)


And that is my super-duper, easy and quick tutorial for creating star pillows.


They make such a cute patriotic pair!


The star quilt is a gift to my son from his grandmother. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Maybe I need to convince her to write a tutorial on making a star quilt ;-).


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  1. Brooke @Hardwood floor refinishing
    Brooke @Hardwood floor refinishing says:

    A sewing project even I could do (the world’s worst seamstress). Super cute and easy, and just in time for the 4th. Maybe I need to attempt this this weekend 🙂

    Quilts from grandmothers are such a gift, aren’t they? I have several at home made by my great-grandmother. They would never sell in a store (your star quilt is much prettier :)) but I will never, ever get rid of them for the nostalgic value that they hold.


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