How to Cut in Without Using Painter's Tape

How to Cut in with a Paint Brush

I’m back with another great video from my friend Lindsay. She’s going to be giving us a ton of tips on how to cut in with a paintbrush in today’s post.

Lindsay from Makely School for Girls

She worked with Glidden to create a series of short videos to help DIYers like yourself tackle your own paint projects.

Painting a room like a professional means having straight lines where the wall meets doors, windows, ceilings and baseboards. To achieve crisp lines you can tape around all these spots.

How to Cut in with a Paint Brush

Anyone who has ever taped a room knows it takes FOR-EV-ER! Have you ever wondered how the pros can paint around doors and windows without using painter’s tape? Well, wonder no more. Lindsay is here to save the day (and your time) with tips to cut around your trim with a paintbrush.

Looks pretty easy, right? Next time you have to paint a room, you should try it for yourself. Hey, if worst comes to worst, just have a damp rag nearby to wipe the paint off. Speaking of saving time, you might want to head over to Glidden’s My Colortopia and learn more tips from Lindsay with 5 Tips for Speeding Up the Painting Process!

Get more tips, tricks and tutorials for your next painting project at Glidden’s new Show Me How website!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Glidden brand paint. I was compensated for my time to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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