Thank you for coming to hear my talk. As promised, I’ve put together this list of helpful tutorials exclusively for you. If you have any questions after reading a specific tutorial, please feel free to email me: PrettyHandyGirl (at) Now, get busy on that next home project, because I know you can do it!

Moulding & Trim:

Add visual interest and the look of luxury by adding moulding to your doors, windows, and walls.
Click on the picture to be taken to the tutorial.

Beef Up Door and Window Casing with Back Band | Pretty Handy Girl

How to Frame and Install Window Casing and Trim by Pretty Handy Girl


Electrical & Lighting:

People tend to freak out about electrical projects more than any other DIY project. But, there are many electrical upgrades any homeowner can do. If you know where the circuit breaker is and how to turn off a circuit, you can handle these projects.


So you know how to frost a cake but you say tiling scares you? Hogwash, they are almost the same skill set. Put down that butter knife and grab some tiles, we’re going to make your kitchen and bathroom look amazing.


When was the last time you had to call a plumber for a home repair? Did you know that many plumbing calls can be easy DIY fixes? Save some money and learn how to complete your own plumbing repairs.

11 Plumbing Fixes You Can Do


Painting, Walls & Ceilings:

If you’ve ever struggled to paint your own house, you may not have used the right painting supplies or the right technique. Did you realize that 80% of a professional paint job happens in the prep phase? Learn the secrets of the pros.

Prepping to Paint Your Room Like a Pro | Pretty Handy Girl

How to Paint a Room Like a Pro | Pretty Handy Girl

How to Paint Doors like a Professional | Pretty Handy Girl

Top 15 Painting Tools



Building & Installing :

Creating built-in elements in your home accomplishes two things. 1. It gives you extra storage. 2. It adds charm and character to your house. These built-ins will create an impression with potential buyers.

12 DIY Home Storage Tutorials | Pretty Handy Girl

Boy's Red, White & Blue Themed Room | Pretty Handy Girl

Children's Closet Library with Secret Pass Through | Pretty Handy Girl

Want to start on a smaller building project to get comfortable with tools?

Check out the Build It Archives:

How to Build It Gallery

New to power tools? Want to know which tools I recommend? Here’s what’s in my tool box:

Tool Kit

And you can learn how to use a variety of power tools by reading my Tool Tutorial Series:


Remember, if a human being can do it, there’s a 95% chance you can do! I believe you can accomplish any of these projects, you just need to believe in yourself!

pretty handy girl sledgehammer exposed bead board