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DIY Boho EarringsDIY Boho Style Earrings

“Boho” or Bohemian style jewelry is the rage now and you see this style everywhere.  You can easily make your own Boho style jewelry with just a few items from the craft store. Whether you decide to make colorful beaded bracelets, tassel necklaces or Boho fringe earrings, you will have fun knowing you were the jewelry designer behind your creation. Who knows? Maybe you will have so much fun, you’ll be motivated to start your own Boho style jewelry company!


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DIY Boho Earrings


Select the color(s) of cording you want to use for the fringe. You need three strands of cording.

DIY Boho Earrings

Measure and cut each strand at six inches.

DIY Boho Earrings

Slide a large jump ring over the three strands and position in the center.

DIY Boho Earrings

Bend cording in half over the jump ring and pull snug around the jump ring. You now have six strands of cording after bending in half.

DIY Boho Earrings

Slide the D-Ring over the six strands of cording. To make it easier for the D-Ring to slide, use pliers to squeeze the D-Ring into a larger opening. Slide the D-Ring to the top where it meets the jump ring. Straighten and align the cords so they lay flat against the jump ring. Use the pliers to flatten the D-ring into its original shape.

DIY Boho Earrings

Step 6:

Open the small end of the fishhook earring using pliers. Slide the hook over the jump ring. Close the wire hook back up with the pliers to ensure it stays in place.

DIY Boho Earrings

Once you have everything in place, trim the ends of the cording straight across with scissors. Make them as long or as short as you like.

DIY Boho Earrings

Pretty fun and easy, right? Give your new boho style fringe earrings as a gift or enjoy them for yourself.

DIY Boho Earrings

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