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Rockin’ Out with Safety Gear – 3M Tekk Digital Work Tunes Review

I feel like I’m constantly shouting safety messages at you. But, I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear hearing protection when you are exposed to loud noises. But, did you know that the noise doesn’t even have to be super loud? Exposure to higher levels for an extended period of time can also cause hearing loss.

Here is an infographic from 3M that shows common household noises that may be harming your hearing:

I have a pair of 3M Tekk ear muffs that I use when sawing wood and using my power tools. But, Pretty Handsome Guy doesn’t have a pair. He isn’t allowed doesn’t use my tools very much, but he does do most of the yard work. When he cuts the lawn he uses ear plugs. I decided it was time to upgrade his little foamies to some rockin’ headphones! Last week, I gave him a pair of Digital WorkTunes™ HearingProtector and AM/FM Stereo Radio ear muffs. He was thrilled to try out something that allowed him to rock out while he was chopping blades.

That’s right, not only are they hearing protection, but they double as headphones! RAD DUDE! And just when you start to poo-poo these as only being AM/FM radio receivers, take a look at that cord!

That’s for your iPod, iPhone or other mp3 player. Suh-weet!

I gave them to Pretty Handsome Guy to try (an early Father’s Day present) and I think he liked them, but I’ll let him tell you about them:

“First, let me just say these would have really come in handy years ago when as a teenager I would cut lawns for money all while playing my Walkman cassette player (remember those?) at full blast so I could hear it over the lawn mower.  So, I was excited to try a solution that allows me to listen to music, podcasts, whatever without sacrificing my hearing any further.

Notes on the 3M Tekk Work Tunes Ear Protection:
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Easy to figure out – I love a product where I can safely ignore the instructions and these fit that bill.
  • Seem to be effective at blocking the outside sound.  I experimented with the volume at consistent levels with and without the lawn mower going and I didn’t feel like I needed to “crank it up” once the mower was on.
  • FM reception was pretty good but did cut out a few times.  We have a lot of trees so maybe that was the issue but it did cut out a few times.
  • Love that you can plug in an iPod – especially in football season being able to get a game from my ESPN app into headphones is awesome.
The only real downside of these is that they are fairly heavy and definitely will leave you a bit sweaty on a warm day.  Not sure that is avoidable because they are a proper ear protection but something to plan on.
As far as Father’s Day I would rank these as way cooler than a tie I will never wear!” – Pretty Handsome Guy
Thanks honey. I’m off to work in the shop, and I might just have to “borrow” your ear protection while I work. Ha, ha, ha. Wait a minute…did I say these were for you? I lied, I think they look better on me!

Please excuse me while I rock out to a little heavy metal!

Disclosure: 3M sent us a pair of complimentary Digital Work Tunes to try. We were not paid to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are our authentic and honest opinions about the product.

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  1. katie
    katie says:

    You crack me up! Those look amazing and exactly what both Mr. Woodsy & I need. We only have one pair of ear protection and if we are both working in the shop we are SOL! lol. Must get these stat!

  2. Mara Greenwald
    Mara Greenwald says:

    Hi Brittany,

    My name is Mara Greenwald and I am reaching out to you on behalf of Procter & Gamble. I really enjoyed reading this post. We would love to have you join our blogger outreach program.

    If you are interested, please reach out to me at [email protected]. I look forward to working with you!

    Mara Greenwald on behalf of P&G

  3. Queen Mary
    Queen Mary says:

    Now this is something for my husband! He doesn’t golf; he does now the lawn and he blasts the Boss when he’s doing ANYTHING — who comes home from Church and tells their HUSBAND to turn down the music????

  4. Christie, Describe Happy
    Christie, Describe Happy says:

    Thank you so much for posting these!! My husband loves to listen to music as he mows the lawn and has to turn up the volume full blast. I worry about his hear with the mower x loud music. These will nicely compliment the new mp3 player he treated himself to and make a nice surprise for his birthday! Go Safety!!


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