Confirmed…no more daily updates

CONFIRMED: No More Daily Updates

It’s okay, my feelings aren’t too hurt. I understand how it feels when you get too much email. You’ll stop receiving all the updates from Pretty Handy Girl.

You’ve been downgraded to only receive the occasional weekly updates from Pretty Handy Girl.

You can always unsubscribe from those at the bottom of the emails. Have a great day.



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    So happy to hear I’ll still be hearing from you. I appreciate your posts so much. I have learned a TON from you. (I’m still making COVID masks for a local nursing home because they absolutely love your pattern above all others they have found anywhere!)
    I love to craft, create, and renovate and have always been a little intimidated by the “boys club” that power tools and construction are. My own father was very handy but had no interest in teaching me how to do any of that because it wasn’t for girls, in his opinion.
    You have given me the confidence and knowledge to do so many things and I wanted to say “thank you” for that!!

    • Brittany Bailey
      Brittany Bailey says:

      I’m so sorry you got this email. I think you’re subscribed to my feed within WordPress. Can I add you to my main subscriber list and send you the 6 Simple Steps to DIY Anything series?

  2. Jeannie Wallace
    Jeannie Wallace says:

    This is terrible. Why are we going only occasional weekly on our emails?? I’m seriously gonna miss your daily crafts and other things you share. I’m sad now, and can see that you are too. So sorry to hear this news.


    I don’t know how I got downgraded and I don’t see anyplace to change it but I didn’t (purposely) ask for this. I enjoy your emails a lot!! 🙁


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