This weekend I’m competing in the Ms. Safe-T DIY Pageant for 2011. What? You never heard of it? Well, let me tell you the competition is fierce. I’m up against 7 other beautifully safe women for the title.

The final 8 contestants are (click on their photos to view their Safe-T profiles):

Sandra from Sawdust and Paper Scraps

Michelle from Dream Home DIY

Katy from Mom and Her Drill

Erin from Erin’s Creative Energy

Tanja from Postmodern Hostess

Jaime from That’s My Letter

Pink Toes and Power Tools

And of course, there is me! Don’t you think I nailed the runway walk? I’m a muddy shoe-in to win! (Snort, snort, I crack myself up.)

Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl

In all seriousness, Sandra is hosting the Strut Your Safety Gear Link Party to get the word out about wearing the appropriate safety gear when working on your DIY project. And if you hop to it and comment by Sunday night (tonight) you can enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Whoo-weee.

Today, I geared up to scrape and sand my garden bench. Sadly the paint didn’t weather the year in the rain, sleet and snow. The bench is still structurally sound, so I’m going to repaint it (the right way) and and share with you the details at a later date.

I needed to use my power sander, so I pulled my hair back and put in my ear plugs.

99% of the time, when I’m working on a DIY project, I put on my paint spattered shirt and ripped blue jeans. The 1% of the time that I don’t do that I end up ruining those clothes. Safety goggles are a must when working with any power tool. (I just ordered some new molded goggles that seal on your face to help keep the dust out next time. Sandra turned me on to them HERE!)

Sanding is a messy job. It is a good idea to tarp anything you don’t want covered in sawdust. The particles go EVERYWHERE. That is why it is important to wear a dust mask and gloves.

The gloves also keep my hands from getting rough.

And finally, I wear closed toe shoes to protect my piggy wigglies from a dropped power sander. OUCH!

Be sure to wear appropriate safety gear next time you take on your own DIY project. Check out Sandra’s post for more information on safety gear HERE! She even gives you the links to purchase your own. Now that is my kind of shopping!

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  1. Marianne@Songbird
    Marianne@Songbird says:

    Yes you are a winner. I don’t know how that guy from America’s top model is called – the runway coach – but I am sure he would give you a pass right away.
    I am pretty good at the safety precautions, now that is, learned the hard way that it is a must. And your work clothes look pretty good to me, mine are a disgrace and a real proof I need them badly.

  2. Diane@InMyOwnStyle
    Diane@InMyOwnStyle says:

    OMGosh – very funny – you got my vote. My daughter had a pink foil dress like the one your were sporting. She bought it at a high school thespian sale for $5. She wore it to a jr high prom. I will always remember it as the year I didn’t have to spend $100 on a dress. Very cute and smart post.

    My best- Diane

  3. Alice
    Alice says:

    I love your humor. Hoping you win with that walking like a model walk. So much can be learned by reading your blog. I enjoy it so much. You remind me of myself before the accident that left me disabled. Thanks for blogging.

  4. ColleenwithMurals&More
    ColleenwithMurals&More says:

    It was the boa. The boa moved you over the top! ‘Course, the runway walk is just the way I used to teach my dance students, lol!

    Seriously, I just sanded sans mask yesterday (by hand) and like a nut,tried to blow it off. The problem? I was sanding a DRAWER! Whoosh – right into my face, shirt, etc.

    MUST WEAR MASKS AT ALL TIMES!!! {good luck!}

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