Keswick, England – A Tour of Lake Derwentwater


I think I found Heaven on Earth. Keswick (pronounced Kes-ick) and its picturesque Lake Derwentwater currently have a pull on my heart. This small town in Northern England is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. My mom, the boys and I only had one day here, but I have vowed that I must return with Handsome Guy for a romantic time without the boys. I figured you might like to join us for the hike, so I took some photos for you ;-).


The town is a great location for families (they have an awesome playground), romantic couples, and anyone who enjoys beautiful vibrant colored vistas and small town shops. The English style gardens are stunning in their organized structure.



Of course, I also appreciate Mother Nature’s less defined edges and curving landscaping.



Lake Derwentwater sits south of the quaint town of Keswick. It has a walking trail along the banks and is perfect for the adventurer who wants to hike the full 8 miles around it’s edge. If you prefer smaller hikes you can walk to one of the docks that surround the lake and catch the ferry boat back to town.


The path that surrounds the lake detours up and into a field with grazing sheep.


My mom and I enjoyed walking near the edge of the lake while the boys threw rocks and waded in the water.



As we sat watching the boys entertain themselves, we suddenly saw a flurry of activity as two border collies began to round up the sheep in the field. It was amazing how quick and efficient those herding dogs were.


I hope you enjoy the rest of the sights from my camera lens.














If we had more time in Keswick, we would have visited Beatrix Potter’s studio and the museum in her honor. But, alas, Keswick will have to wait for me to return.


I leave you with my favorite picture. My boys surrounded by nature…sigh.


Have you ever been to the Lake District in England? Where did you go that begs a visit?


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  1. Chris Creighton
    Chris Creighton says:

    So glad you enjoyed your visit to Keswick. It really is a beautiful place and you were so lucky to see it under blue skies (there is a reason that the fields are so green here – RAIN!). Do come and visit us again!

  2. Colleen Taylor
    Colleen Taylor says:

    What a picturesque and pastoral post Brittany! These photos are so inspirational. I’m thrilled to be looking at these though your travels. My trip to Italy was one of the highlights of my life. That is the place that begs me to go back. Thank you for this wonderful post!

  3. Lisa E
    Lisa E says:

    Although I’ve never been, when I think of England, I think of over cast skies. Thank you for sharing this beautiful scenery and sun light!

  4. Jenna
    Jenna says:

    I went to school near here (Carnforth) for a year. The Lake District is magical – especially in the summertime! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I want to take my family someday.

  5. MrsMajorHoff
    MrsMajorHoff says:

    Adding this to the bucket list. Hubs and I hiked 3.5 miles in England last fall, from the town of Mildenhall to the Air Force Base, but it was 11pm at night and we saw no sights. This town is so quaint and cute. Adding it to the list–you also had me add Norway. Thanks for making my travel bug increase in size! LOL


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