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Get My Look – Joss & Main Curators Collection

I mentioned a while ago that Joss & Main contacted me about creating a curated collection of home décor and furniture that screams Pretty Handy Girl. I was very hesitant, but ultimately agreed to search their virtual warehouse to find things that I would (and do have) in my home. I mean seriously, y’all know I shop the curbside and behind dumpsters. I doubted that Joss & Main would have wonderfully aged and cozy warm décor finds that look like they’ve been loved more than the Velveteen Rabbit.

You can imagine my surprise when not only did I find enough items to create a collection, but I actually had to edit it down by 10 items. The entire experience was a lot of fun and when they sent me the final offering I was amazed at how similar some of the items look to things that I already own.

So, if you are the warm & weathered type (err — I mean — you like things warm and weather), you may like a few of the items I picked out.

My Joss & Main collection is now live and the items will be available until Oct. 1st. I can tell you that the items will be discounted from their usual retail price, consequently some cool finds will sell out quickly. (Don’t wait if you see an item that you really want. Throw it in your cart or you will be crying the blues. (I know this from past experience.) I hope you’ll take a quick peek and let me know if you like some of the things I picked out or if it all looks like it belongs in the dumpster. LOL.

One more insider tip: If you don’t have an account with Joss & Main, you’ll need to apply and wait for an invite before you can shop their sales. However, I have an invite for anyone that wants one, just click here to get your instant Joss & Main invitation (I get a $15 credit if you sign up, so thank you if you do sign up. No purchase necessary.)

I hope to be back tomorrow with a new tutorial for you, but I’m trying to get a little caught up after my sick days.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post for Joss & Main. I am honestly excited to share with you some unique finds for your home. I will receive a small commission from the sale as compensation for my time and efforts of putting the collection together. But, who am I kidding? It was really a fun experience. Like window shopping online! 

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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    Loved loved your picks! bought the lab box (s). Do you have any ideas on how to make or get my hands on more of those? Again, you did a great job on the collection, so much so, I want more!!! 🙂

  2. Sam
    Sam says:

    This is amazing! You seriously inspire me! I hope I can one day be as successful as you are with my DIY blog. Love everything you do!

    xo Sam



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