Fixing Sagging Furniture Seat Cushions

A few years ago I gave my stepmom’s screen porch a much needed makeover. At the time we noticed the seat cushions were starting to sag, but decided they still functioned. This year, my stepmom told me they had to be fixed. Boy was she right! Today I’m going to show you the easiest (and most permanent) way to fix sagging furniture seat cushions for good!

If you’ve ever dealt with sagging porch furniture I have a simple solution for you! Let’s get fixing!


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Tape Measure
Chalk Line
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Fix Sagging Furniture Seat Cushions Instructions:

Feel free to watch the video or read the full tutorial below. It’s your choice.

If your furniture has removable seat frames, take them off the seats. Measure the seat frames and figure out how much plywood you’ll need to cover the seat frames.

Lay the seat frames onto the sheet and mark around the seats. (Alternatively, you can make a paper template of your seats and transfer them to the plywood.)

Cut the plywood to the size of your seats using a circular saw (or my preferred tool: the track saw.)

Here’s a tip for cutting sheet lumber:

Put a piece of rigid foam insulation under your plywood sheet. Set the depth of your blade just slightly deeper than your lumber. Cut the plywood on top of the insulation. The insulation supports the plywood while the saw blade cuts into the insulation and not your work surface.

If your seat frame has webbing, go ahead and cut it off the frame. Throw away the webbing.

Trace around any corners or specific shapes of your seat frame.

Use a jigsaw to cut off these shapes.

Sand all rough edges and give the entire plywood seat a good sanding to remove splinters.

If your plywood seat will be exposed to the elements, it’s a good idea to seal it with primer and/or paint.

To secure the plywood to the seat frame, drive a screw through the plywood at each corner of the frame. Stop when the screw head is resting on top of the frame. Add more screws at any cross supports. The screws are mainly to keep the plywood centered on the frame, so they don’t have to be super strong structurally.

Set your plywood seat frame back into the furniture. We chose to have the old frame on top otherwise you would see the edge of the plywood.

Fix for sagging cushion. Plywood under cushions

If your furniture didn’t have a removable frame, you can put the plywood directly onto the seat (under your cushions.)

“Ahhh, much better. ” 

I hope this tutorial helped you fix your sagging furniture cushions! Let me know if you tried this fix and how it worked for you.

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