Easy Clean Up Paint Tray Liner

The other day I started to show you some of the DIY projects we worked on at my sister, Alana’s house. I mentioned the touch up painting we had to do in her kitchen.
So, I figured I’d show you our tried and true paint tray liner. Easy clean up and finally a use for those plastic bags (although I advocate using reusable bags, I still somehow end up with a plethora of these plastic grocery bags.)
Let me call my assistant to show you how to do this. While we’re waiting for her, grab your paint tray, two plastic grocery bags and some painter’s tape.
And here she is, my lovely assistant and Pretty Handy Sister, Caitlin
1. Take your plastic bag and turn it inside out so the ink is on the inside. If you don’t do this the ink will run into your paint. Not a pretty sight.
2. Slip the bag over the top of your tray and secure it with a piece of painter’s tape.
3. Take your second bag and flip it inside out. Then slide it over the bottom half of your tray. Make sure the bags aren’t too tight around the tray. They should conform to your trays sides and bottom.
Now, put a piece of tape at the top of the bag.
4. Then turn your tray over and affix one more piece of tape to the back side.
5. Pour your paint in the tray and start rockin’ and rollin’!
The lengths I’ll go to for my sister!
6. When you are done, salvage any paint you can and put it back in your paint container. Then carefully peel the tape off the back of the tray and fold both bags in and around the paint. Then you can pick up the bag and dump it in the trash. Be sure to clean your brushes well. See this post for tips on cleaning and your paint brushes.


Touch Up Painting Done – CHECK!
 Here is my sister’s kitchen, all touched up.
I love the glass tiles and the granite is gorgeous. It has cobalt blue flecks in it.
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  1. cscottdraw
    cscottdraw says:

    you are such a genius! lol I am so glad one of Alana's post reminded me to come check out your blog. I never would have though of the plastic bag thing and thanks to you I only had to buy one tray for all the painting I had to do today! I actually used a garbage bag so that I wouldn't have to tape anything. <3

  2. Jo
    Jo says:

    Great idea Brittany.
    I too LOVE the glass backsplash.
    Seeing you up on the fridge reminds my why my kichen walls still haven't been painted. I'm so not looking forward to the 'cutting in' above the kitchen cabinets.
    As an aside.. about a year ago here in BC most supermarkets stopped even stocking plastic bags.. so you have to use reusable ones. [Which of course they are perfectly happy to sell you ;o)]
    Jo xx

  3. SheilaG
    SheilaG says:

    What a great idea! I usually buy relatively cheap roller covers and when I'm finished I slip a grocery bag over it and pull the cover off inside the bag- no mess. By the way, if I sat on top of the fridge- well, you'd be checking Craig's list for a new one!


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