How to Install Ceiling Plant Hooks

Two Ways to Install a Ceiling Hook for Plants

How to Install Ceiling Plant Hooks

Two Ways to Install a Ceiling Hook for Plants

There are a few different methods to install a ceiling hook to hang a plant from, but this post is going to cover two of them. The first method involves finding a joist, and the second method uses a toggle bolt. Don’t let the words “joist” or “toggle bolt” worry you though, both of these methods are very easy, and require few tools. Read on for instructions for two ways to install a ceiling hook.

Supplies Needed for installing a ceiling hook

Install a Ceiling Hook into a Joist

Hanging a plant hook using a ceiling joist is the most secure way and the safest, especially if you plan to hang a heavy planter. 


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Step 1

Decide where you will install the hook. Grab the stud finder to locate a joist in that area. Don’t have a stud finder, try one of these 5 Ways to Find a Stud without a Stud Finder. Make several passes to ensure you know exactly where the joist begins and ends, and mark the area accordingly.

Step 2

Drill a small pilot hole into the drywall and joist with a drill bit slightly smaller than the size of the screw being used.

drill pilot hole

Step 3

Hand screw the hook into place until it is flush against the drywall. (If it becomes too difficult to turn, you can put a screwdriver into the hook to use for leverage.)

Installing ceiling hook into joist

Step 4

Hang your planter and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Install a Ceiling Hook with a Toggle Bolt

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding a joist, or there isn’t a joist where you want to hang your plant, you can use a toggle bolt with the hook. (Just make sure your plant isn’t heavier than the specified weight limit for your ceiling hook.) It sounds intimidating, but it’s actually very easy!

First, what is a toggle bolt? A toggle bolt is a bolt with “wings” that you hold closed to insert inside a hole in drywall, and once inside the hollow wall the wings spring back open. They are great for using with ceiling hooks!

Toggle bolt open


Step 1

Decide where you’ll be installing the ceiling hook for your plant and make a small mark with a pencil.

Step 2

Make a small pilot hole where you just marked using a drill and a 1/8″ drill bit. If you happen to hit a joist consider going back to the first method above, otherwise you’ll need to move to the left or right of the joist.

Step 3

Using a 3/8″ drill bit and drill, make a larger hole into the ceiling drywall to fit the end of the toggle bolt.

Step 4

Holding the wings on the toggle bolt closed, gently insert the bolt (hinge side first) into the hole in the ceiling drywall.

Toggle bolt closed

Once inserted the wings will pop open, securing the bolt inside the drywall.

Installing ceiling hook with toggle bolt

Step 5

Screw the swag hook onto the bolt, and continue screwing until the hook is flush against the drywall. It’s helpful to pull down gently on the bolt while screwing the hook into place to keep it from just spinning in place.

Installed hook flush against ceiling

Step 6

Hang your planter and you are finished with this project!

I hope this tutorial gives you the confidence to install a ceiling hook in your own home!

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