Thank you for being an email subscriber. I hope you enjoy these FREE Mobile Phone Backgrounds. Please enjoy them for your personal use only. Simply right click on the image you want to use below to save it to your photos. If you are downloading it on your computer, you’ll need to email the files to yourself and save them when checking email on your mobile phone (or use a cloud or photo sharing app.)

fall-leaves-vases-mobile-6 green-pear-red-leaves-mobile-6 white-cinderella-pumpkin-6

If you’ve never changed the wallpaper on your mobile phone, it’s very simple. I’ll show you how to change the background image on your iPhone.

Chose the image you want to use in your photo gallery on your phone. Click on the symbol in the bottom left corner.

Choose Image to Use

Click “Use as Wallpaper” in the bottom right corner.


Instructions for changing your wallpaper on other smart phones can be found here: Android or Samsung Galaxy.

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