Millie’s Remodel: Major Setback and Some Progress

In this Millie’s Remodel update, I’ll show you how to create a coat hook area in the smallest of spots. I’m also bringing you along to go countertop shopping with me. And finally come see what the major setback is this time.

Millie's Remodel: Setbacks, Coat Rack, & Countertops

Millie’s Remodel: Major Setback and Some Progress

You know those shows on HGTV where the renovations are coming along smoothly and then one of the personalities says, “Oh no, this isn’t good.” Next thing you know they cut to commercial and leave you hanging thinking, what the heck can it be?

Well, I won’t keep you hanging too long. If you want, go ahead and watch my video right now to find out what the major setback was. It’s a shitty situation (pardon my french, but that’s an adequate response to the setback.)

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Coat Hook Area

Everyone wishes they had a mudroom to store coats, shoes, bags and all the things the minute you walk in the house. But, not everyone has the space for one…or do they? In this Millie’s Remodel update I showed how we created a small mudroom area just inside the back door. You might remember how I used luan planks on the Saving Etta fireplace.

They give you the perfect shiplap look for added architectural interest.

Previously, I used them in my kitchen where I created a detailed tutorial on how to plank walls aka shiplap for super cheap!)

Luckily, I had a enough luan planks leftover to create a small coat hook area in a little more than three feet of wall space. The coats can be tucked behind the pantry cabinet where you can’t see them from the living room.

Source for Coat Hooks

Definitely watch the video to see how easy it was to create this mini-mudroom in half a day.

Countertop Shopping:

Have you ever been shopping for countertops in a huge warehouse where you can see the actual slabs (not just a tiny sample) of material? It’s one of my favorite (and most indecisive) tasks on any home remodel and build project. Today I want to take you with me to shop for countertops. First, we need to select counters for the kitchen. As a reminder, this is the mood board for the kitchen.

Sources: Sink Faucet, Cabinet Hardware, Door Handle, Backsplash Tile, Pendant Lights, Cabinets

I’m thinking about something dark for the counters to add contrast from the white backsplash tiles. Here are some of the options (you can also virtually join me as I shop by watching the video.)

Winterwood Granite

If you’re wondering what the little tile lollipop is in each of the photos, it’s the samples I brought with me. I have one tile from the backsplash, a cabinet sample, and the floor tile to help me visualize how all three will look with the countertops.

Leathered Finish Negresco Granite


Via Lactea Granite (shown above and a closer look below)

As you can see, I found some great options, but would love to hear your thoughts on the choices.

Bathroom Countertop:

In the main bathroom, I am converting a dresser into the perfect mid-century modern sink vanity.

Dresser source: Wayfair

This means I have to pick a countertop material for this sink (unlike the vanity in the powder room that came with a countertop.) Luckily, the dresser isn’t very big, so I can save some money by shopping for remnants at my fabricator’s shop.

As a reminder, this is the design board I’m using for the main bathroom:

Sources: Door Handle, Dresser, Floor Tiles, Lighted Mirror, Wall Light, Shower/Tub Faucet

Once again, the options are almost endless, so I’d love your opinion. I show several really cool remnants in my video, but ultimately narrowed it down to these two options.

Black Recycled Glass Quartz


Negresco Honed Granite (sorry for the blurry cell phone picture.)

I’d love to hear from you. Which slabs do you like or dislike? Also, I hope you got a good laugh at my expense because when life throws you a curveball why not add some humor.

See you soon for another Millie’s Remodel update. If you’re just arriving at the story, Millie is a 1950’s brick ranch I’m remodeling to use as a rental. You can catch up on the Millie’s Remodel saga here. You can also watch all the Millie’s Remodel video updates here.

A special thank you to the Millie’s Remodel Sponsors:

The Millie’s Remodel project sponsors have donated materials for the Millie’s Remodel project. As you know I am very particular about the brands I work with and recommend. As a general contractor, I choose the products used on my projects wisely to make sure they last a lifetime. Therefore, I have no reservations putting my name behind each and every one of these sponsors.

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6 replies
  1. Christine O.
    Christine O. says:

    Yes, definitely good to add some humor when your home projects go off in their own direction! I know we’ve had our fair share of those. You’ve made great progress otherwise!

    I have a question about the Luan planking. How has it held up in your house and other projects? We are redoing our kitchen and dining with plans to do the luan plank those areas.

  2. Nicki Hanson
    Nicki Hanson says:

    Hi Brittany, love all your stuff! I very recently read that dark countertops are not always good idea, especially in smaller kitchens, because they chop up your kitchen space with a bunch of black/dark slashes. Not my opinion, just something I read and something to consider. Keep up the great work!


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