Introducing Our Newest Contributor – Lara from The Unprofessional

Introducing Our Newest Contributor – Lara from The Unprofessional

I’m so excited to introduce you to our newest talented contributor, Lara from The Unprofessional. She says she’s no expert, but you’d never know it by looking at her renovations and DIY projects!

Lara has been correcting a multitude of sloppy work the jerks folks who flipped her 1940’s cape cod left behind. She’s customizing her home, room by room and making her house safe and functional for her family.

One of Lara’s recent projects was hanging a wall-mount sink in their attic bathroom. Not only will you love Lara’s tutorial, but you’ll be especially charmed after meeting her trusty sidekick (aka her three year old son) who acts as her advisor and personal assistant.

I love that Lara is learning as she DIYs in her home. We can all relate to learning on the fly. She’s made a few screw ups during the learning curve, but she’ll never let it stop her. Lara’s motto is: “I believe you can do pretty much anything with a few good tools, a stack of wood, and a half-baked idea.”

For example, when her 3-year-old son complained that he couldn’t reach the picnic table, she designed an easy-to-build folding booster seat perfect for camping trips and beer gardens. This idea is genius and I think she needs to patent the idea.

When the low ceilings in her cape cod wouldn’t accommodate a bulky barn door, she found an alternative approach to turning any interior door into a space-saving barn door.

Finally, Lara hacked her son’s IKEA bed into a super modern headboard. I love this project and might be copying it in my house.

You can find Lara on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. And be sure to pop in tomorrow to see her tutorial right here!

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