Arranging Faux Flowers to Look Real

Arranging Faux Flowers to Look Real

Arranging Faux Flowers to Look Real

Although summer is the season for planting outside and enjoying lush gardens, sometimes you also want flowers inside the house too.  But without the fuss, possibility of allergies, or need to water. I found a great way to get the look of real greenery with faux flowers.

Fake Flower Arranging

These days you can find hundreds of faux plants, flowers, and greenery. They are available from many craft and home decor stores. Orchids are popular in home decor because they are beautiful, elegant, and come in many colors. Since the real ones can be hard to maintain, why not DIY some faux flowers of your own and enjoy them year after year.

Materials:How to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

  • 2 Stems of faux orchids
  • 1 Piece of floral foam (meant to hold water, but you won’t use water for this project.)
  • Container to arrange flowers in
  • 1 Orchid leaves stem
  • Faux moss
  • Wire cutters
  • Kitchen knife


1. Grab your container and floral foam. Trim the foam to gently squeeze into the container (a kitchen knife will cut it easily.) The foam needs to fit snugly, but not so tight that it breaks. This will keep your flowers secure.

I found this silver trophy at a thrift store but you can use any sized container that you like.

How to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

2. Place stem of the flowers on the outside of the container to judge how where to trim your stems to the correct height. Trim the orchid stem with wire cutters.

3. Carefully stick the stems into the floral foam.

How to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

Stick the leaves in, spreading them out to the desired look. You might have to trim the bottom of the wire for the leaves. This is what it will look like when you have the orchid stems and leaves in the foam:

How to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

4. Cut some faux moss and arrange it around the stems to cover the foam. You can hot glue the moss to make it more secure or just leave it as is. Faux moss is very forgiving, this part doesn’t have to be perfect.

Arranging Fake Flowers

Bend the orchid stems into a beautiful curve to help them look real.

Fake Flower Arranging

Place your faux flower arrangement on your favorite shelf, table, desk, or outside on the porch and enjoy your masterpiece!

Fake Flower Arranging

This is one of my favorite projects. Arranging faux flowers is easy and they look beautiful.

Have fun with your new flowers and see you at Decor Adventures soon.

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