And the Winning Follower is….

I had my oldest Pretty Handsome Boy choose a reader tonight. Call me old fashioned, but I decided it was more fun to have a traditional pull a name from a hat drawing instead of using Random.org. I planned on cutting up all the followers’ names and putting them in a hat. Well, then I discovered that there are almost 800 followers now! So, in the interest of choosing a name tonight (instead of some time next week), I asked my son to pick a number between 1 and 788. He chose 530. Then I matched that number to my compiled follower list in Excel (okay, maybe not old fashioned after all.)

And, the lucky #530 follower is…


Come on down girl and collect your prize.

You are the winner of a fabulous CD/DVD Car Visor Wallet – but wait, there is more – it comes fully loaded with $25 to spend on Amazon.com.

Okay, okay, calm down, I know you are excited. Let me tell my readers a little bit about you.

Nancy lives in Northern New York and has a blog called Flatrock Cabin. Recently she and her husband renovated her craft room. You can see the details of this multi-tasking crafter’s dream here.

And she has a sweet little companion that keeps her company when she’s crafting.

Congratulations Nancy, I hope you put that gift certificate to good use.

Everyone else, I hope you had a fantastically Happy Halloween. I know our boys had a fun time. Pretty Handsome Guy and I slaved on some very lavish costumes.

We were black eyed peas. Ha, ha! It took us all of about 5 minutes to pull these outfits together.

Now that November has arrived, I’m excited because I have a lot of new projects to show you. Stay tuned…

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