4 Book Reviews for the New Year

4 Books to Review4 Book Reviews for the New Year

I love being able to review new books, especially in the New Year when I have lots of aspirations of getting organized and learning something new. Out of the many books I’ve received to review, these four are the ones I knew you’d like as much as I do. As a bonus, they will either help you learn a new skill or push you to get more organized this year.

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To start, I have not one, but two books on hand lettering. I wanted to choose one as a superior book, but ultimately I think they both have their merits on your bookshelf.

Let’s start with Extraordinary Hand Lettering by Doris Wai

Extraordinary Hand Lettering Book

Ms. Wai does an excellent job of explaining the tools and tricks you’ll need to improve your hand lettering.

Extraordinary Hand Lettering Tools

Extraordinary Hand Lettering really shines when it comes to introducing a plethora of projects you can create with your new found skills. From shower gifts. . .

Extraordinary Hand Lettering Gift Ideas 1

. . . to home decor, more gifts, and special events. I thoroughly enjoyed leafing through this book for creative ideas. If you have some hand lettering skills and want loads of inspiration, this is the book I’d recommend.

Extraordinary Hand Lettering Gift Ideas 2

The other hand lettering book I received is Mastering Hand-Lettering by Mye DeLeon.

Mastering Hand-Lettering Book

This book goes into great detail about the forming of letters and typography.

Mastering Hand Lettering About Typography

For people who geek out about the art of lettering (like myself), this is your book. It’s also an impressive primer for teaching you how to hone your lettering skills.

Mastering Hand Lettering How to Draw Letters

Mye DeLeon goes into depth about how to create decorative typography and how to layout your phrases to be beautiful works of art. If you are brand new to hand lettering, this is the book I’d recommend.

Mastering Hand-Lettering Book - Layout example

I should also mention that I am a big fan of The Busy Girl’s Guide to Hand Lettering. Especially if you are the type of learner that likes video instruction.

I was definitely excited to receive Black + Decker’s Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair.

Black + Decker Home Repair Book

In the past, I have recommended Home Depot’s Home Improvement 1-2-3, but the book is currently out of print and hard to get a copy of. Which is why I thinkComplete Photo Guide to Home Repair is a more accessible option.

Each page features clear full color photos to help you understand the project before you pick up a tool.

Home Repair book plumbing example

From plumbing, electrical, roofing and more, this is the book that every homeowner should own!

Home Repair Book - roofing example

To show you how complete the book is, I’ve included a copy of the table of contents.

Page 1 of Contents of Home Repair bookContents of Home Repair book

Finally, I am thrilled to review Organization Hacks by Carrie Higgins

Organization Hacks by Carrie Higgins

Carrie Higgins, has filled this book with over 350 ideas to help you get your space more organized.

Organization Hacks chalkboard wall project

She offers cost effective solutions and tutorials to control the clutter.

Organizational Hacks Makeup Hack

Personally I love the tips that help you squeeze more storage into your home. Anyone who strives to be more organized deserves a copy of this book. The inexpensive price makes this book a no brainer, so go ahead and order your copy of Organization Hacks now.

Organization Hacks - kitchen wrap storage hack

I hope you found these reviews helpful. I always look forward to reviewing new books for your library.

Disclosure: I received all of these books as complimentary review copies. I receive a lot of books but only share the ones I feel are worth owning. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Colleen Taylor
    Colleen Taylor says:

    Great resource books to consider. I have a few hand lettering books already but the key is to read them & try some lettering techniques. I’ve always admired unique hand lettering & calligraphy styles. Thanks for the sources Brittany.


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