Hi! I’m Shara from the blog Woodshop Diaries (a DIY blog with a focus on DIY crafts, furniture building, and home improvement projects.) I’m an engineer by day, and a DIYer every other chance I get.  I live in small town West Kentucky with my husband, Danny, my dog, Lucy, and our assortment of barn cats that accidentally became pet

After we gutted and remodeled our kitchen in the “accidental fixer upper” two years ago, I was hooked and started wondering what other projects I could get into.  Since there are only so many rooms in our house, I started thinking of other projects besides remodels. That’s how I began building furniture (like this coffee cabinet) and creating other fun crafts (like this Grinch pillow).  Soon the Woodshop Diaries blog was born, and I started posting tutorials on the projects I did to encourage others to do the same.  If I was having this much fun, surely someone else would enjoy it too, right?
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