Jillian from I am Homemaker | Pretty Handy Girl Contributor

Hi, I’m Jillian and I blog at I Am a Homemaker where my goal is to demystify DIY projects for everyone.

I live in New Hampshire with my wonderful husband and three kids who never quite know what the house will look like when they come home. I have been know to paint rooms and have half the house sold on Craigslist all before 3pm.

I inherited my love for DIY from my dad who was a carpenter and an all around “I can fix anything” kind of guy. He taught me that doing things yourself should be the first choice and you call in reinforcements when you need them. With some help from my husband to learn how all the fancy power tools work, I was off and running and I haven’t looked back. Now, there isn’t much I won’t try to do myself with the proper research and a bazillion questions to anyone who will listen.

One of my true passions is building furniture. Two of my favorite pieces are my dining room table and a breakfast bar I made for my kitchen. There is nothing better than being able to build something exactly the way you want it to be and for half the cost of something pre-made!

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