Hi, I’m Jacque and I have been creating for as long as I can remember. DIY is truly my passion.  I created the blog The DIY Village with my husband Matt.

My father was taught by his father.  In turn my father taught me how to create with my hands and not take the easy way out of building things.  As a child drawing and crafting were high on my list of priorities so as an adult it isn’t much of a stretch that I still love to paint, craft, and DIY.  And with a completely renovated craft room, I’m always in the mood to create! My favorite part of doing this as an adult is the opportunity I have to share my loves with others, and hopefully inspire them to try things on their own!  I am constantly adding new things for Matt and I (mainly Matt) to add to our never ending honey-do list.  With two creative minds in one house we are never short on projects to work on!

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