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Summer Garden Flag from a Dollar Store Placemat

Make a Summer Garden Flag from a Dollar Store Placemat | Pretty Handy Girl

I have to admit, I’m a little addicted to making garden flags out of fabric placemats from the dollar store (The Dollar Tree to be exact.) In fact this flag was made using all materials from The Dollar Tree. I bought fake flowers, bar towels and a placemat to make this summery flag. Best of all, you could make this flag with or without a sewing machine.

If you missed my previous flags, this was our winter flag:

and our Fall flag.


And our Valentine’s Day flag (that I’m embarrassed to say hung until this week.):

Yup, they are all made with dollar store placemats!

I finally caught up to the correct season and made this cheery garden flag!. As I like to say, “Better late than never!” 

You can make this flag for a steal. Plus, the kids can help you make it (with some supervision.) Ready to make your own summer garden flag from a dollar store placemat?

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  • Fabric Placemat
  • Terry cloth bar cloths
  • Scissors
  • Heat n’ Bond no-iron hem tape
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Ribbon
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Silk flowers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks


Fold over the top of the placemat 2.5 inches and stitch across the bottom edge to create the rod pocket.

Cut out flip flop shapes out of the bar towels. (Be prepared for a shedding frenzy! Little pills will be everywhere.)

Cut strips of Heat n’ Bond tape to fit on the back of the flip flop cut outs.

Iron the tape onto the flip flops (2 seconds). Then remove the paper backing.

Flip the flip flops over and iron them onto the flag. Then flip over the flag and iron underneath the shapes for better adhesion. And if I use the word “Flip” again in this instruction I might flip!

Thread your sewing machine with a contrasting thread. Set the stitch on your machine (I used a blanket stitch, but you could use a straight stitch if you wish.) Sew around the perimeter of the flip flops.

Cut ribbon into lengths long enough to be used as the straps on the flip flops.

Pin the ribbons in place on the flip flops. Stitch at the point and at the edges of the flip flops.

Leave the rest of the ribbon unstitched so it sticks up and looks like you could slip feet into the straps.

Select a bunch of silk flowers and pull them off the stems. Cut the back off the flowers so they will rest flat.

Lay out the flowers onto the flag and pin them in place. If the flower centers fall off, hold them off to the side.

Thread your sewing machine with thread to coordinate with your flower. Stitch around the center of the flower to secure it onto your flag. Repeat for the remaining flowers. (You may choose to change your thread for each colored flower.) Alternatively you could hot glue the flowers, but they may not last as long.

Heat up the hot glue gun. Put a large dollop of hot glue into the center of the flower and press the floral centers into place.

Hang your flag in the garden and enjoy!

Happy Summer Y’all (only a little late, but better late than never!)

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  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you use any kind of anti-mildew type of spray on your garden flags? I made my first one a couple of months ago and it already has mildew on it (I live in FL).

    • Brittany Bailey
      Brittany Bailey says:

      Katie, I didn’t but ours is in a sunny spot so it dries out fairly well between rains. The white one does have some little spots on it (probably mildew) but not noticeable enough to not hang it. Let me know if you do try a spray that works.

  2. Ally
    Ally says:

    Pretty snazzy! I too, love to recycle dollar store items. It gives one such a feeling of thriftiness and accomplishment don’t you think?


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