You know the saying about not waiting for your house to be perfect to invite people over? Well, I realized that even though my porch is not 100% complete, I shouldn’t wait to invite y’all over.

I have wanted to spruce up our screened porch for 3 years now. Screen porches like Between Naps on the Porch have beckoned me from afar. I always knew I wanted to do something similar to Susan’s porch.

So, after living here for 4 years, I finally got around to giving the screen porch a much needed makeover.

This is basically a representative “before” picture taken the month before we bought the house.

After we moved in, it stayed the same except we had a white square table and chairs for meals on the porch. Slowly I have been furnishing and decorating the porch with fixtures and accessories like: Ladder Display Shelves, Beachy Coffee Table,  Minnow Trap Lights, Bamboo Painted Rug, Dream Big Butterfly Window, and my Garden Bench. My budget for this makeover was next to nothing, which presented a little bit of a challenge.

So, are you ready? Here is a tall glass of sweet tea with lemonade. Please come join me on my porch:

The two side chairs are actually from the table and chairs set. I just dressed them up with IKEA throw pillows. Someday I want to buy some wicker rockers to put in their place.

Remember the disgusting moldy coffee table I saved from the trash? There she is!

My favorite spot on the weekend. My Dad gave me this hammock for my 30th birthday and it is still in good shape after 10 years! Thanks Dad!

My semi-famous ladder display shelves I built from a $15 rickety old ladder.

The minnow trap pendant lights add the perfect amount of light after dark.

Were you wondering where I hung my Dream Big Butterfly window? Here she is:

That chippy little cabinet is the most expensive piece of furniture on the porch! I paid $85 for it at the flea market. It used to be a table, but someone cut off the legs and nailed boards to the sides and added a door to the front.

Such a great spot for catching up on my favorite magazines: Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens and Flea Market Style (the issue Layla and Kevin were recently in.)

Can you believe a neighbor was trying to get rid of this little decorator table? I gladly sprinted over to her house to pick it up. Then I draped a clearance shower curtain from Target over it. Yup,that is a shower curtain!

{Sigh} My favorite flower, blue hydrangeas.

Remember that purple garden bench? Well, she wasn’t weathering the constantly changing weather conditions, so I brought her in the porch and gave her some TLC and a few coats of paint. I just need to sew a cushion for her.

Thank you so much for coming over. I enjoyed our time together. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a hammock. Zzzzzzz.






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  1. julie spear
    julie spear says:

    I have searched your posts, before asking this…( bcuz I really hate when I see comment questions that are totally answered in the post – IF you read the post, LOL! ) but I didn’t find it anywhere, so I am going to ask: WHERE did you find the oh so gorgeous pillows on your fabulous porch bench? I saw you hand made the cushion , which is brilliant – but did you make the pillows too? and if so – where did you find that beautiful fabric? i really NEED to know – so I hope you will reply… my email is julieaspear AT gmail DOT com.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful craftiness… your porch is beautiful and YES, I will take a glass of tea, and a little nap on that hammock, thank you very much, lol!!!

    • Brittany Bailey
      Brittany Bailey says:

      Julie, the medallion style pillows are from Target a few years ago. the Trellis pattern pillows are covers purchased from IKEA. Again from a few years ago, so I don’t know if they are still available.

  2. Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside
    Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside says:

    Your porch is so lovely! I have this same hammock on my tropical back porch! My screen porch is VERY slowly coming along as well. I love how yours has that country look with a touch of coastal. This is how I want mine to look since it faces the wooded side of our house. Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings, Tammy

  3. April
    April says:

    Brittany, I grew up and Tennessee, and my husband and I lived in Atlanta for 8 years. I know the pollen bomb well. I miss the South, but I don’t miss the yellow paint job in the spring. 🙂 Come on warm weather! I want to hang my hammocks!

  4. April
    April says:

    LOVE THE PORCH. Those are all my favorite colors, and the colors I’m using to decorate my new house. I have an awesome hammock that I’ve never used. Our new house has a covered deck, but not screened in. Do you leave it out year round? Take it in for rain storms? Put it up in the winter only? I actually have 2 hammocks. One that is from Brazil and is solid weaving and one from Guatemala that is more like yours. We lived in Atlanta until recently where it is so humid I worried about mildew. We moved to a pretty dry climate, so maybe I can hang mine out this spring? Our Brazil one is actually a double, so my hubby and I can canoodle together (with our 5 kids piled on top, I’m sure). Also, how did you hang it? Thanks! I have porch envy.

    • Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)
      Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl) says:

      April, we live in humid North Carolina and the only time I take it down is when the pollen bombs hit us in late March/April. Then I cover everything up on the porch or store it away.

      I have a Smith & Hawkin hammock and it is really great quality. There is a slight bit of discoloration from mold or something after over 10 years. I could spray some bleach on it, but I haven’t bothered, it really isn’t noticeable.

      The hammock is hung by two giant eye hooks screwed into the porch support posts.

  5. James Hunter
    James Hunter says:

    I am really glad to see those designs here. I will express “extraordinary”. What a great job has done here. Must admire your work. Thanks a lot.

  6. Susan
    Susan says:

    Brittany, your porch is completely wonderful! I love the soft soothing colors and fabrics you’ve chosen. Truly Beautiful! The hammock has to be my favorite thing! Love that! 🙂


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