Think about the cost of painting a room (or heaven forbid your whole house) a color you don’t like.

Here are your options:

  1. Hope the color “grows” on you.  Guess what – funguses grow on you, not paint colors.
  2. Start over.  That’s right, get the tape, drop cloths, old clothes and your grumpy spouse back in the room and start over.  Oh, and don’t forget to pay for that second batch of paint.  But this time you know what you want.  Right?

Since neither of those options seem like much fun, why not try a smarter approach. Let Pretty Handy Girl “preview your paint” before you start.  There really is no substitute (short of painting the room) to get a feel for how the color will look in your room, with your furniture, and your décor.

Photo Courtesy of Decor Chick

Introducing Paint Preview:

Why would you paint an entire room or your house without a preview?

Paint Preview for a Room:

Number of Colors

Paint Preview for a Home Exterior:

Number of Colors

Paint Preview for a Door:

Paint Preview for a Door

Here is how it works:
After you purchase one of the options above, you email me one picture of your room or house. Tell me what color the room is painted now (or choose a color swatch that best matches the color it is (preferable Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.) Then tell me the Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color that best matches the color you would like to preview.

Home Before

Once I receive all the information, I can get to work on Paint Previewing your room. Turn around times will vary depending on work load. Allow approximately one week for delivery. (Can’t wait that long? Email me and I will send you rush charge options.

Home Paint Previewed

Then you sit back and relax until your Paint Preview is emailed to you. If you like the color, go ahead and get your paint brushes and paint out!

Home After Painting

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I don’t have a digital image of my room/house?
A: No problem, once you have purchased your package, you can mail your photo for me to scan. (Photos returned if you included a SASE.)

Q: I don’t have a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color match?
A: No problem, send me any swatch that best matches the color (other brand swatches, the color painted on a sheet of paper.

Q: Can I send you more than one angle of the same room?
A: Certainly, but you will need to purchase 2 separate rooms if you want to Paint Preview them both.

Q: Am I restricted to painting with Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paints?
A: Definitely not. You can take a paint swatch to any paint store and ask them to match it. Even if it isn’t their brand!

Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: Good question! Your wait could be as little as a day to as much as a week.

Q: I need my paint preview today, can you Paint Preview it sooner?
A: I’d be happy to move you up in the queue for a rush fee of $35.

Fine Print: Paint Preview gives you a decent idea of what your home/room will look like with your furniture, décor, trim moulding, etc. Because computer monitors vary (and paint is a mixed color versus pixels on a screen) your personalized Paint Preview is exactly what it says – it is a preview. Despite our best efforts to accurately display the desired color, results may vary slightly and should only be used as a good representation.

All other questions can be directed to: PrettyHandyGirl (at)
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