How to Paint an Ombre Wall Technique | Pretty Handy Girl

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Technique

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Gradient | Pretty Handy Girl

Ombré painting is EVERYWHERE. Clothing, home décor and even wall paint techniques. An ombré wall is the paint technique I chose to create a misty and ethereal look in our master bedroom. It started when I fell in love with Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore but didn’t want to make our entire bedroom too dark (I have a hard enough time waking up in the morning.) I decided a good solution was to use the dark charcoal gray color on a focal wall behind the headboard. But, I didn’t want to stop the color in the corners and create a sharp line.

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Gradient | Pretty Handy Girl

Instead, I wanted a softer edge that would make us feel like we were being hugged by the room.

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Technique

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Gradient | Pretty Handy Girl

I used Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore to paint the other three walls in the bedroom, but created a random ragged edge where the two colors meet.

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Gradient | Pretty Handy Girl

This is how the side walls look in preparation for the ombré wall technique.

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Gradient | Pretty Handy Girl


  • Dark latex paint color (Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore)
  • Lighter latex paint color (Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore)
  • A small container with a mixture of the two colors to create an in between gray
  • Paint brush
  • Dry brush
  • Water-filled spray bottle
  • ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape
  • Damp car wash sponge
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wet wipes or wet rag


Apply painter’s tape onto the ceiling and window or door casing to protect them from paint.

The key to a great ombré technique is to keep your paint wet as you work it back and forth into the dark and light areas.

Start by painting some of your in between gray paint up and down between the two colors. Use the sponge to pat the paint around and out from the brush strokes. Use the dry brush to feather the edges.

You’ll see what I mean in this video tutorial:

Be sure to step back from time to time to get a better look at the wall. I learned in art school that when you like something, it’s best to stop before you over do it.

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Gradient | Pretty Handy Girl

Keep your ombré random for more visual interest.

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Gradient | Pretty Handy Girl

What do you think? I had a lot of comments when I first posted the wall on Instagram. There was quite the debate over whether people liked it or not. Apparently several people thought it reminded them of a natural disaster.

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Gradient | Pretty Handy Girl

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE IT! And it really does make it feel like there’s a mist moving into the room.

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Technique

So, do you love it or hate it? Do tell! I’m a big girl, I can take it.


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  1. Jen
    Jen says:

    I love it, colors and everything. I’m about to do an Ombre effect in my stairwell to transition my white main floor up to my blue upstairs. I was especially glad to see that you used a sponge to blend – all the other tutorials I’ve seen used a brush and I didn’t want to have brush strokes in my finished wall.

    Also want to share a tip I got from my Home Depot paint lady; I asked if they have clear paint because I want to seal in the wall after I’m done, just to protect it from any future scratches or kids drawings, so I asked if they make clear paint. She sold me a can of deep tint base without any of the tint. When we tested on a paint stick it dried totally clear, and now I can make the sheen even over the whole wall. I haven’t done the project yet but will share how it works!

  2. Angie Counts
    Angie Counts says:

    LOVE IT!!! I am painting this technique in a half bath tomorrow using blue over the gray basecoat! Thank you for sharing this!!!

  3. Kyle H
    Kyle H says:

    This is a fantastic wall! i build furniture and clients always ask about accent walls. It’s simply the backdrop. For me I’d really bring in some spot color. y3llows? Blues? We see outstanding scenes when photographer shooting in “storm light”. this is like that.

  4. Tom Green
    Tom Green says:

    That is such a unique take on ombre painting. I’ve looked up several different tutorials on ombre because that’s what my wife wants to do in the bedroom and so far this is the only one that I have liked. Great job and thanks for sharing!

  5. Lisa Tobias Kitchen Designs
    Lisa Tobias Kitchen Designs says:

    Hi Britanny,
    Gorgeous room. I was a bit skeptical at first with the dark charcoal color scheme for your wall but honestly I was surprised with the outcome of the foggy effect. I love it and the color is just balanced with your white bed and side tables.


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