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Make these Little Macrame Keychains in 5 Minutes

Make these Little Macrame Keychains in 5 Minutes

It’s Karen from Decor Hint and I’m back with another little macrame project for you. This project is actually more practical than just pretty to look at. Today we are making these cute little macrame keychains with fringe.

Macrame is one of my favorite activities. It’s like knitting and can be very stress-relieving and good for your mental health. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate a little more macrame into my life. The other day, I sat in the car waiting to pick up my daughter from summer camp and this idea popped into my head. I think my car keys were looking plain. LOL.

Macrame keychains!

I know I’ve seen these keychains before but I never made any.  Since I like to keep my macrame projects relatively easy and quick to complete, I designed this project using simple knots and an easy pattern.  If you’re not too busy, check out my last macrame wall hanging post here.

So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a quick and fun craft project!


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Step 1: Cut your Cords.

You will need 2 cords, 12 inches long for this project. Cut your cords at 12 inches.

Step 2: Attach your Cords to your Keyring using Lark’s Head Knots.

Take one of your cords and fold it in half. Slide the loop part under the keyring and fish the two bottom pieces of the cord through the loop. Pull tight. Make sure you attach your cords on the side of the keyring that won’t interfere with you taking keys on or off.

Repeat this step with the other cord. You will have two Lark’s Head knots on your keyring and a total of 4 cords hanging down.

Step 3: Make Square Knots.

Using these four cords, make a row (or pattern) of three square knots.

Here’s a video showing you how to make a square knot …

Step 4: Tie a Few Knots to Secure the Pattern.

Right under your third square knot, tie a few regular knots to secure the cords. Yay! You are ready to make fringe!

Step 5: Make Fringe!

Untwist each cord a bit to start unraveling, then use your wire brush to “brush” out the cords into a wispy fringe.

I don’t know why, but this part reminds me of those faux rabbit foot keychains. Remember those things? LOL.

Step 6: Trim your Fringe.

Once you are satisfied with the length and the fringing, simply trim it up to give your keychain a neat appearance. All done!

And now you have a cute little macrame keychain!

Make one for your kids or gift one to a friend. Use different color macrame cording for a colorful touch.  Or start with longer cording and make a longer keychain.  Really – the sky is the limit with macrame.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little craft! I’ll see you back here next month!

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