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How to Decorate a Candle with Tissue Paper

how to decorate a candle with tissue paper

One of my favorite and most versatile DIY gifts to make are decorated candles: they are inexpensive and easy to personalize! Today I’m going to share a basic tutorial for how you can use tissue paper to decorate a candle for your home or as a DIY gift.

supplies custom candle decorating


  • Tissue Paper
  • Plain Candle
  • Scotch tape
  • Heat Gun
  • Wax Paper


decorating candle tissue paper

Cut three strips of gold tissue paper long enough to wrap around your candle with a slight overlap.  Vary the thickness of the three strips for added interest. For a 3″ pillar candle the strips were approximately 10″ long and widths were one quarter inch, three quarter inch, and 1 and 1/4 inches wide.

attaching tissue paper to candle

Wrap the strips of tissue paper tightly around your candle and secure with a small piece of tape.  It is very important that the tissue paper be in contact with the candle with no wrinkles or space between the wax and tissue paper.

how to decorate candle

Cut a piece of wax paper wide enough to wrap over the entire candle-approximately 8″ wide for a 3″ pillar candle.  Wrap the paper tightly and secure with tape or hold with your hands.

using heat gun on candle

Use the heat gun to slowly begin melting the wax on the wax paper into the tissue paper.  You will see the change as the wax paper melts and begins to soak into the tissue paper.  Don’t stay in one spot for too long, once you see the wax melt move on slowly and steadily.  Don’t forget to watch your fingers, heat guns are capable of causing burns if not handled properly!

**I know many will ask if a hair dryer will work for this project and in my experience it does not get hot enough.**

After you have melted the wax into all of the tissue paper, gently peel the wax paper off of candle and discard.

how to decorate candles with tissue paper

This easy DIY can be changed to create any number of decorated candles.  Try stamping designs on tissue paper the same color as your candle for another easy way to decorate.  I even had my boys draw pictures on tissue paper to attach to a candle for their Dad when he was deployed-the possibilities are endless!

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  1. Melissa Estep
    Melissa Estep says:

    How do u keep your photo from peeling or creasing after the photo has melted on the candle is there something you can put on it to prevent this.

  2. synthia
    synthia says:

    I would like to make these candles. I live in France and we have no wax paper here. Can
    I use parchment paper?

    thank you

  3. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Hi after I remove my waxed paper and let candle sit for a bit I get creases and like bubbles on tissue paper? I am holding waxed paper very tight on candle?

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